You Don’t Know Me!

Time tells a lot! We go through many different seasons and those seasons develop who we are. On this journey of helping other moms be the best versions of themselves I know that I am still clay in the potter’s hands and until I’ve received my well done I am going to evolve and elevate to the next level of the person I need to be to complete the mission I was sent here for. 

Most people don’t get that. They figure if you change you can’t be loyal or they get so used to you being one way that when you start to grow or go in another direction they can’t fathom that you will be anything more than who they have deemed you to be. This is a sad but true fact. And guess what? The matters of contention they have with your growth is on them, not you!

See here’s my own story…The version of myself you are familiar with has involved. She is aware of her flaws, she is exposed, transparent, letting go of the when you knew me and embracing who she is now. The me know is a rebel and has figured out my cause. Before I was reckless, unsure, I picked at the scab of who I was not  to heal it but to cause pain and then blame someone else. When I looked in the mirror of when you knew me I can see why you enjoyed that version. I was always down to party, to gossip, to F stuff up if needed. I wasn’t confident enough to stand alone, I needed the pressure of those around me to gas me up to be that person. See you met me when I was still developing and I didn’t even realize it. I was too focused on being what everyone thought I should be instead of working to be the best version of me. I loved that version of me like you did. She was one bad chick and she took no mess and was unapologetic, unhealed and unforgiving. In looking at my own reflection I am thankful for God’s grace during those times and realize now that it was nothing but Him that kept me. But see me now, I know who I am and to whom I belong. As I continue to go to new heights in every area of my life I can no longer be that person, see, she had her season, and it’s up now, so if you knew her and can’t seem to see her growth, then, you don’t know me now!

Have you made changes in your life, yet people won’t let grow from who you once were before those changes? Do you feel obligated to be who others think you should be? It’s time to look in the mirror and get to know yourself.

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