For Parents

Getting Kids to Set Goals!
Have you ever really talked to your child(ren) to find out what they want to do? Even the smallest goal should have a plan attached to it. In this episode we are discussing how to help your child(ren) set goals for themselves.
Tune in as we talk about Colorism! What is Colorism and how can we start the conversation in our homes to make sure our children have their own standards of beauty.
Planting Seeds of Love!
Hey Parental units! In a society where love is thrown around frivolously how do we teach our children the real value of love and what it means to get and receive love. How do you say I love you? Let’s chat
Love Is…
Hey Parental units! What is love baby don’t hurt me no more!!! But really what is love, how do we express it, how do we receive it? Do we really need to be love? Let’s chat…

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