Join Tarsha McMillan and I as we discuss God’s Plan. I met Tarsha almost by accident and I am so glad I did. Her story, her testimony changed my life and how I viewed God’s plan for it. Let her pour into you and see what plans He has for your life. Tune in!
Join Theresa Patterson, Peer Consultant, Build With Theresa, and I as we discuss our mother’s prayers. As women of faith we know that our mother’s prayers continue to pave the way for our destiny, continue to build our greatness. In this discussion we discuss those prayers and the prayers we have for our children. Tune in!
Join Tara Pringle Jefferson, of the Self Care Suite, and I as we talk about self-care and what it means in our communities. As a SuiteHeart I have learned, developed, and taken pride in my own personal self-care. I live apologetically in my self-care bubble, thanks to Tara and the other suiteheart’s examples. It’s time that each of us learn to explore our own personal self-care and make it a priority. Tune in as Tara drops some major nuggets and help you explore self-care for yourself.
As busy mamas achieving our goals and dreams we are often judged by society for being too busy and neglecting our children. Let’s chat and break some chains
Join me as Brittney Fells and I take up space talking about a topic that is still taboo in our communities, moms and depression. Brittney is open on her platform about her bouts with seasonal depression and as a mom who has just recognized her own seasonal depression I needed this conversation and so do you! Tune in!
As busy mamas achieving our goals and dreams we are often judged by society for being too busy and neglecting our children. Let’s chat and break some chains!
Mama’s Got A Plan! Alicia Briggs’s of The Brown Mom Experience has a cute take on planning and how to put cute spins on getting organized. Moms if you are having a difficult time picking out a planners and getting organized and keeping them cute, this is for you. Let’s have a fun discussion, filled with information that will help moms get organized and truly utilize a planner that will work for them..
Join Dr. Shivonne Suttles and I as we deep dive into the questions black women need to ask their doctors to get the answers they need to lead healthier lives.
HOT MAMA is back!!! I’m super excited to be back gracing your screens. No other way to come back then to bring y’all all the fire, flavor, heat, sauce, passion going on around the world and in your neighborhood. Join me as I chat with the The Hottest Boss @nailsbylanni! she is doing her thang and walking in God’s purpose for her life!
Join me in the studio with Tierra Banks of Mended Inc., as we discuss healing relationships between mothers and daughters. Tune in!
Featuring Ayesha Ansari! She will be giving us some helpful solutions to help organize our lives and keep us on track as we live out our dreams and maintain our sanity.
Join me in the studio with Clotea Mack MEd founder of Forgiveness Foward. We are going to talk dating and the healing process after the loss of a relationship.
There are over 2000 children currently in foster care in Cuyahoga County. The rate of African American children in this system is extremely high! One hot mom and her family decided to make an impact and foster a family. LaDawn will take us on her journey of building a bond and becoming a family.
Featuring Darlene Collins! Darlene is an adoptive parent and an adoptee. She is going to take us on her adoption journey as she ventured out to find her birth parents. Tune in to see what she went through, how she made it through, and how her new story begins.
Symone is the oldest of the “Hot Kids” she has been dealing with anxiety for a few years. Join us for an intimate conversation about our relationship, how we both deal with anxiety and what her plans are for the future. Part 1 of #IAmMental you hear my side of the story
Let’s face it there are so many types of parenting now we all can’t keep up. It gets really “fun” when you have to do it with your ex! Join me as I chat with Valencia Joy of Hey Vee Tv! We are talking Co-parenting!
Join me in the studio with Aisha Taylor! Aisha is the CEO & Founder of FNPhenomenal. “FNPhenomenal is a movement designed to help single moms build financially phenomenal futures by developing the faith to believe that phenomenal living is their reality and acquiring the knowledge and tools needed to achieve their desired goals.” We’re discussing living your best financial lives!
Carissa Batts Godbott is a wife, a mom, fashionista, and blogger at The Green Eyed Lady blog. Join us as we discuss the lost of a child, how to cope and how to heal. (Side Note: Please forgive Sparky’s background music, he’s cage training)
The death of a child is horrible and often moms get to go through the full grieving process with tons of love and support, but what about Dad’s perspective, how is he healing?! We are going to find out.
Join me LIVE with Ms. Tenisha Womack soon to Mrs. Vaughn! We are talking LOVE Under New Management! Sometimes our #finallyforever comes after A Season & A Reason. Tenisha is talking hope and getting what you finally deserve!
We heard Tenisha’s side of this love story, but now we get to hear from the man himself, Mr. Vaughn, how he found his finally forever.
(Bonus: And he’s going to tell us why he brought a date to the wedding.)

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