What is a Parental Guidance Counselor?

I can help you identify and focus on what is important to you when it comes to your life as a maternal figure and individual. Creating a safe environment for you to express your concerns, identify your strengths and weaknesses, offer insight into your relationship with your child(ren) (biological or not) and help guide you into living your best life.

How do I do what I do?

 1. Help you get clear about your  goals

2. Identify areas where you have taken steps toward achieving those goals/identify areas where you could use help in achieving those goals

3. Hold you accountable in achieving those goals

4. Focus on your development as a caretaker and individual

5. Help you acquire skills to improve your life

6. Increase your joy in life by encouraging you to be your best

Let’s set your goals together.
Let’s set a timeline to obtain those goals and a plan to maintain them.
Let’s give you back your time so that you may enjoy your life without the worry of how, what , when , where , and why when it comes to your goals.