Meet the Coach!

Nanekia Ansari, The Parental Guidance Counselor, is the owner/operator of Just One Hot Mom Coaching Services. Her desire to parent her children as individuals and develop their creative styles led her to document their journey and share it with other parents who need support and guidance. As she began to share her stories, Nanekia noted there were more stories to share from different families from all walks of life. Thus the podcast was developed to share those stories. Nanekia is a coach, motivational speaker, writer, show host, and mentor. Her specialty is in Maternal Care Coaching helping maternal figures optimize … Continue reading Meet the Coach!

Who Are You Darling?

Every time I hear Randi Rossario Maples, host of The Randi Rossario show, say this before she gives her “cousins” some input on Instagram I laugh a little. Because who are we really? We parents are living in a time where we are discovering new seasons in our lives and we have the  expectations that those around us will adjust to those new seasons. Well guess what?! Your children are going through the same thing. At least you have lived a little and seen some things. Our kids are fresh off the boat discovering new worlds, ideas, and things about … Continue reading Who Are You Darling?

Who Are You As A Parent?

One of the discovery questions I ask during my coaching intake session is, “What type of parent are you?” This gets clients to think. Most people will admit they are not the parent they want to be. They then list all the things they are doing wrong that make them a terrible parent. The point of the question is not for one to condemn themselves. The point is to determine your ideal parenting style and what steps you need to take to ensure you are headed in that direction or if you’ve already arrived at how to maintain it.  When … Continue reading Who Are You As A Parent?