Walking A Fine Line: Parenting Adult Children

It’s official, I am the parent of two adult children! Symone is 25 and Jamiel is 18. Both have graduated high school and are well on their way to building the futures they want. This is new territory for me. Although I have had time to adjust to Symone being an adult for several years, it never gets any easier to see her struggle, learn lessons I wish she didn’t have to and to go through heartache I wish I could protect her from. Not all is doom and gloom, these are just the parts I would like to control. … Continue reading Walking A Fine Line: Parenting Adult Children

Disappointing View

A few years ago, Jamiel was eager to join the workforce. He was of age, received his work permit, and applied for jobs that were appropriate for his age. He was super excited for an opportunity to work with the kids at the summer camp he’d previously attended. He’d experienced other kids coming back as camp counselors, and he was ready for his shot. Jamiel filled out the application and was called immediately for an interview. I was probably more excited than him. We practiced interviewing at home. He picked out a nice outfit that let them know he was … Continue reading Disappointing View

Why Do We Parent The Way We Do?

Have you ever stopped to think about why you do things a certain way? For me it’s the way I wake up and immediately go into Drill Sergeant mode, make the beds, brush your teeth, comb your hair, get dressed, 10 minutes, let’s go. Although my own morning wake-up routine is different from the one for the kids, it’s ruled by let’s get these things done. I attribute that to the way my own parents woke me up in the morning. We had to be where we were going on time and not one detail could be missed or it … Continue reading Why Do We Parent The Way We Do?

Allow Me To Re-introduce Myself

You all know me! We’ve been rockin since 2015! What a fantastic journey this has been. I’ve grown, you’ve grown, we are growing together. You were here to launch the first blog post, me figuring our social media, the podcast, and now you are here for the next part of this journey, The Hot Mama Spot. The elevation that has taken place has been incredible, too. Of course, it’s about that time that I re-introduce myself. My name is Nanekia Ansari, and I am Just One Hot Mom, your Parental Guidance Counselor. I am passionate, fire, flavor, heat, and oh … Continue reading Allow Me To Re-introduce Myself

Preparing for Transition!

I often look at my kids and I’m in awe. I actually created my own people and I’m their leader (thanks for the reminder TikTok). I’ve been down the road to graduation and adulthood with one child already so this is nothing new to me. Except for it is. Jamiel has a completely different outlook on what the end of high school means for him. He’s excited and ready for the school part to be over. He has applied to schools, been accepted and is making plans to move forward with his future. It is I, who’s paused on moving … Continue reading Preparing for Transition!