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In this issue of The Parental Guidance Counselor we are meeting the coach and talking about what keeps us up at night.
Parent/Child Date Night Ideas! What do you and the family do when you hang out. Here are a few ideas to inspire you!
The Shame of It All! Have you ever witnessed mom shaming or been shamed or a part of the shamming. We need to just stop it. Let’s look at from a different perspective!
Your Dad Is Right There! Have you ever been busy and then you hear 50 questions coming at you all at once from your child. You are trying to cook, clean, and do homework, all while dad is asleep on the couch. Are Dads invisible. How can we get these two to help each other.
Mom Luxury! I was born to live a luxurious lifestyle. I’m creating one! What does luxury look like to you?
Hi-jacked Time! It’s your “Me Time” except everyone has something going on. How do you reclaim your time
Work It Out Kiddo! How do you and your kids stay physically active? 
I Wish Somebody Told Me! Do you ever wish other moms would share info with you so you don’t feel so lost. Or just so you know you are not alone. Here are a few things I wanted to know.
Preparing for Transition! As Jamiel prepares to end one journey and start another, this mom is in her feelings.
All Me To Re-Introduce Myself! It’s time for you to meet the elevations that has been going on in my world. I’m opening and closing chapters!

Walking A Fine Line: Parenting Adult Children A parent’s job is never done and I’ve entered a new season with Jamiel. Click the link and see how it’s going.
Who Are You As Parent! Do you ever envision your ideal parenting life? Use your imagination and let’s take a little trip.
Who Are You Darling? How are you helping your kids discover who they are?

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