There Is Power In The Board
Over the last few weeks I have been invited to at least 20 vision board parties. Each one promising to help you get clear about achieving your goals. I can’t lie, I’m a bit of a vision board Grinch. Maybe it’s because I’ve been invited to so many gatherings or because my goals and dreams are so personal to me I don’t feel comfortable putting them on display. Whatever it is, it’s got me cringing at the thought of attending yet another vision board party. That’s until my sister calls and says I want to host a “Power Board” party (insert eye roll), yet another vision board party! “No Nik, this isn’t what you think!” my sister knows me well, “Just come and see!”
Perfectly Planned Out!
We have officially started 2020. I’ve heard so many claims that this year is it, we are all winning! I am so here for it all. One thing I’ve discovered though is that in all the affirmations, encouraging words, inspiring speeches is that if you don’t have a plan of action in place to win, you are destined to lose. Whether your goal is to become a better more engaged parent, start a business, level up in your career, or lose weight you must take the time to plot out how you will achieve that goal. Enter into one of my favorite places, the halls of planners. For me my planner is personal, it holds the key to how I plan on achieving my goals, what I’ve accomplished, and what I am looking to accomplish in the near or far off future. Click here as II review a few of the planners I use in hopes of helping you find one that will work for you and get you started on living out your dreams and purpose.
My Top 5 Tips To Stay Sane This Holiday Season! 
Let’s face it the holidays can be overwhelming! There’s a bunch of stuff to be done and everybody is depending on you to do it right?! I use to despise entering into the holiday season. During a time where you should be enjoying family you are bogged down by the business of the season, not able to fully enjoy and embrace this time. Well no more! I’m going to give you the top 5 things I’ve done to make the holiday season cheery and bright again. So let’s do this… Click here!

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