Hey New Friends!

Hot Mamas we have been in a pandemic for a year! Take that in and then breathe it out. I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. So much has happened in that time that one blog post cannot capture. One of the biggest changes I’ve seen is in my relationships with friends and families. I don’t know about you, but I’ve discovered that I take time for granted. There is always time to visit with people, talk to them, check in on them, see them, this year proved that is not true, you should cherish every moment and make time for those you love. It’s not like we don’t already know that, but how often do you actively pursue time and opportunities with the people you love? I spend a lot of time with the people I love, but I noticed I’ve been distracted and not necessarily present in those moments. It’s funny how it took a whole shift in the world to make some of us take a good hard look at how we spend our time. 

Working from home allowed me time to check in on people and to be present in moments I would’ve had to rush through trying to get back to work. Who would have thought that in a pandemic I would have made solid friendships that would help me get through some of my darkest moments? I used to be on the extreme end of no new friends, until new friends were what I had. I have been intentional about being present with these new friends and in turn have received their presence in my life. I have seen a shift in both my energy and vibe. With this group of women, I find myself  having conversations that once made me uncomfortable. They have stepped in and filled the gaps for me. 

As moms, we can sometimes find it hard to let new people in. Maybe it’s the disappointment of past relationships, anxiety or the inability to receive and show love. Mamas whatever it is your tribe is out there waiting on you. You just have to be open to receive them. If you are having a difficult time finding your tribe consider these questions: First, am I honest with myself about what I am willing to give and receive in friendship? Secondly, are my past or current relationships blocking me from accessing other relationships meant to elevate me? Thirdly, have I done the healing work to trust and allow people into my life?

You are not alone! It’s time to ask for discernment and gather the tribe meant to help us on this motherhood journey. Godspeed!

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  1. This is so very true. New friends offer new perspectives, new conversations, and new adventures. So, say yes to new connections.

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