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5 Ways to Pray for Your Children
Every morning I pray with my children, it’s a part of our routine. I’m teaching them to make it a part of their routine. Taking it a step further I’ve carved out time in my day to pray specifically for each of my children using this format. I pray this blesses you and yours!
5 Steps to Help Pray for Your Self-care
Your self-care is ultimately your responsibility. It is important that we cover it in prayer so that we can truly see the vision God has for our lives. 5 Steps to Help Pray for Your Self-care

Meal Prepping for the Family!
This is not your typical meal prep video! This video is for that overworked, exhausted maternal figure who wants to feed their family a healthy meal that takes minutes but appears to have taken hours! Tune is as I drop some gems I learned from another inspirational mama Lauren John!