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I am Nanekia Ansari, Just One Hot Mom, The Parental Guidance Counselor! I love working with maternal figures helping them navigate this thing called life while raising families and bossing up in their careers.

Moms, The Real CEOs of life!

 I have created a space for you to be uniquely who you are! There is no parenting manual (at least not one I’ve been able to purchase), so here I am giving you my expertise. So come on in and let’s figure out how we can all survive this thing called motherhood!

Nanekia, or “Nikki” as I lovingly call her, is a genuine spirit and insightful soul who is straightforward, empathetic, honest, professional and passionate, genuine, selfless presence. 
Nikki has helped me in numerous ways both personally and professionally. She helped launch my presence to the podcast world by featuring me as one of her guests on her radio show “Just One Hot Mom” and continues to support my professional endeavors whether its shouting me out on social media or sharing my resource to someone in person. 
Personally, Nikki has created platforms that embody the fullness of being a woman, literally and figuratively. Her bold and positively infectious outlook on life and how she lives it daily as a full-figured woman crushed the notion that it is shameful to be “thick” or “curvy” and that you should celebrate all that you’re working with and let the world know that you are present, confident and fierce just as you are. “Love me, or hate me but you can’t stop me” is a motto that Nikki represents well. 
As a mom, she has traveled much of the path I have as a teen mom, raising three children, having been a single mom and juggling a full-time job and magnifying, sharing and building up your gifts and talents through entrepreneurship. She is my go to for pretty much anything I have a question about and need help with. She is my friend and my sister. 
Spiritually, she is my sister in Christ and as a prayer partner and down to earth lover of Christ Jesus, Nikki has shared her relationship with God aloud and through her approach to genuinely talking to God as a present and tangible presence in her life, Nikki constantly inspires me to just “keep it 100” from earth to heaven.  No pretenses, just me. Just HIM, just us. “What God has for me is for me” she tells me often. 

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