I am Nanekia Ansari, Just One Hot Mom, The Parental Guidance Counselor! I love working with maternal figures helping them navigate this thing called life while raising families and bossing up in their careers.

Moms, The Real CEOs of life!

 I have created a space for you to be uniquely who you are! There is no parenting manual (at least not one I’ve been able to purchase), so here I am giving you my expertise. So come on in and let’s figure out how we can all survive this thing called motherhood!
(Certified in both Women in Leadership and Foundations of Coaching,
Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University)

Who Am I?
I am a mom on a mission to help others feel confident in parenting and self-care! How do I do this? What is a Parental Guidance Counselor? I can help you identify and focus on what is important to you when it comes to your life as a maternal figure and individual. Creating a safe… Continue reading

Coaching services are offered to help maternal figures gain insight into the lifestyle they desire for themselves and their families. I am dedicated to achieving work/life balance, dream manifestation, and helping each person live their best life!
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