Who is Nanekia?

Nanekia Ansari, The Parental Guidance Counselor, is the owner/operator of Just One Hot Mom Coaching services.  Her desire to parent each of her children as individuals and develop their creative styles led her to begin to document their journey and share it with other parents who need support and guidance on her blog. As she began to share her stories, Nanekia noted there were more  stories to share from other families, from all walks of life, thus the podcasts were developed to share  those stories. Nanekia is a blogger, motivational speaker, show host, entrepreneur, mentor, and  coach. Her specialty is in Maternal Care Coaching helping maternal figures optimize the elusive work/life balance scenario. Nanekia’s background in helping Women in Leadership and Coaching certified (Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University) defines her next career steps. She’s taken this skill set and offers it to the real CEOs of the world, mothers. Her passion is coaching and mentoring other women (through writing and conversation) to develop life plans to live a successful and healthy life.

Joy! I find joy in motherhood. I’ve also found joy in walking in my purpose and help other mothers do the same.
Dreamer! I believe that dreams are possible. Each one of us has a seed that has been planted and when we nurture it, it grows into reality.
Gorgeous Darling! I am Just One Hot Mom! I look in the mirror and I see beauty, I see confidence, I see me! I want other mothers to feel what I feel when I see myself. I want them to see their beauty!