I’m Hungry!

Have you ever tried to figure out what you are in life? Most recently I met with my business coach who asked this question. I wrote out this big plan I planned to go over with him, only for him to destroy it and have me start over, to get to the root of what I am.

I am a lot of things! I’m a mom, daughter, sister, blogger, host, significant other, motivational speaker, mommy coach, I mean I carry a lot of titles. Apparently this wasn’t the answer he was looking for because he kept pressing the issue. I remember sitting there and being extremely frustrated that he kept asking me what I was. So what did I do when I was backed into a corner with this questions I yelled, “I’M HUNGRY!” Now I wasn’t hungry in the physical sense that I wanted to eat, but I was hungry to see my vision come to life, to grow my brand, and to be successful. I’m hungry and I’m sure you are too.

So what does it mean to be hungry? Well according to if we break down and apply it outside of needing food, being hungry is to have a desire or craving. I have a desire, a craving to help maternal figures take care of themselves and their families, I have a yearning to see parents providing happy homes for their children, where they can have open and honest communication. The hunger I have to see these things come to pass, would be causing me to starve if I wasn’t working on feeding that hunger. So why don’t we feed that craving, that sound coming from our belly? I think it’s because we are scared. 1. We are scared to voice that we have a desire to do something greater with our lives 2. We are not sure what we are hungry for.

Let’s talk about it. When you step outside your comfort zone it can be really scary. I mean heart stopping, sweating palms, wanting to hide scary. If you are going to live your God-given purpose you must conquer this fear. There is something in this world that only you can do, that select people need to see you do. I am a firm believer that we all can be doing the same thing, but there will be that one unique thing that makes us different and that is what that person needs to see. Fear will destroy any chance you have of exploring your greater good. Now I know saying that and actually being able to achieve it are two very different things. But has what you’ve been doing as of late working toward your purpose, has fear been helping you to feed that hunger? I doubt it, so why not get uncomfortably, comfortable and take a chance on yourself.

Then there is the other end of the spectrum. You have a desire but you can’t pinpoint exactly what it is you want to do. You are all over the place doing things, without doing anything at all. You are starving because the menu is too big, you have too many options. If this is your case my advice, GET REAL WITH YOU! Sit down look yourself in the mirror and say “I’m out of control, I need help, I need focus!” Then get to the business of getting all of that. For me, I decided to meet with two business coaches and get perspective on what I actually wanted to achieve. I know what I have a passion for, but I’m easily distracted by trying to please everyone. I was doing more harm than good to my brand trying to go into a market not meant for me. Once I was able to sit down, write a very detailed mission statement and objective, I was able to focus. Find what help you to get focused.

We all have talent! We all have purpose! What is your talent? What is your purpose? Don’t be afraid to admit you are hungry to learn the answer to those questions. Your challenges 1. Be fearless 2. Focus. Let me know how you plan to feed the beast within you.

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You Are the HOTTEST MOM!

It’s hard to believe we are almost to the end of this year. We’ve had an amazing journey thus far so let’s gear up to finish this year strong. In thinking of my next HOT MAMA I was compelled to think of someone who I noticed is always encouraging and inspiring others. Someone who shows up for other moms and is not afraid to put herself out there to help build others up. I have seen her time and time again EVERYWHERE, she’s a great support and for that I want to recognize Mrs. Angela Miller.

Angela, there’s not one person whom I’ve interacted with that can say you have not supported them. #paintinginttheparkcle is an amazing event and you do it all to expose us to people in our community and their talents. You actively show up and are a true inspiration as to how other moms should support each other. I want to thank you personally for always showing me support.

Angela Miller you are this month’s HOTTEST MOM! Congratulations!


The Pink Partay!!!!

Like I’ve been telling you guys this is my year to be BEYOND uncomfortable.  That means that I have had to step outside my comfort zone and do somethings I normally wouldn’t do.  If you follow the blog then you know I am not shy, I do however hang with a group of people I am extremely comfortable with.  No more!! Wait I will hang with them they are my village, but I am opening up to the possibility of exploring friendships with others.  We as moms don’t do that often enough, maybe it’s a trust issue, maybe we don’t have time to get to know others, whatever it may be I am trying to do something different.

So what do you do when you want to make friends?! You find places to go where people you want to get to know will be.  This is how I ended up at the Pink Party!  The Pink Party Retreat is a women’s empowerment retreat that allows women to be transparent, to laugh, to cry, to be angry, to just be YOU! My kind of place.  But wait I don’t know these people, will they be accepting of a new comer, will they embrace me?! We as moms, as women still ask these questions even when we are grown, it’s in our nature. I for one am an outspoken, sarcastic, black girl magic loving so and so, it can be a lot for some people to handle. My first encounter, I met my soul friend Clo, she was just as HEY Girl as I am, one sentence into our conversation she changed my name, I like her. I walk through the doors of the Kalahari resort and there are women, girls, people all over. Someone in a pink shirt says we will register you momentarily. I take a seat on the couch with women I do not know. Two seconds go by and we all become good friends, sharing snacks, life stories waiting for the party to begin. The doors open…It’s time to join the party!

LET…ME…TELL…YOU..I have never felt so much love, so much strength, so much fire and passion in one place. It was like a bunch of magical souls that were meant to be had finally found a home. I have never before experienced that outside my family, my village, my crew. It was AMAZING!!  Below you will find words of wisdom I obtained from the speakers featured.  Take them let them burn like a consuming fire in your mind and then go have your party.  Encourage someone, pour into someone, be there for someone, forgive someone and while you’re doing all of that be your FANTASTIC, PASSION DRIVEN, BEAUTIFUL SELF.

Kitra Martin Davis

We have to be intentional about what we do and say without being mean girl.

My battle scars are my beauty marks.

Killing someone doesn’t always mean ending a life

Edith Wheeler

The constant battle between light-skinned and dark skin people of color is bullying that we don’t recognize.

Learning to love yourself can be revealed when it’s time for you to grow.

Growth will reveal who really has your back.

In your season of brokeness you can discover yourself and set guidelines and boundaries to show others how to love you.

You don’t have to switch up to be accepted let go of what can’t accept you

Donielle Dortch

In order to get to destiny everything was necessary.

When you don’t know your purpose you hunger and thirst for it.

The storm that was meant to take me out was the storm that was protecting me.

Love is what love does.

Natasha Watts

You are next in line. (Believe it!)

Be expecting of a miracle God would not take something without giving you greater.

When I met Jesus I met myself for the very first time, you don’t know who you are until you meet Jesus

We as sister don’t like to see each other walking, we get off on having each other beg.  If I have a need and you have it meet it.

Some of us don’t know how to help , we hurt when we speak so if you not coming to help don’t come.

Sometimes a blessing is not for you God entrusts us to give it away, to use it to nurture others.

Wanda Robinson (Think about it!)

What do you do when you’ve closed the doors locked the windows and you discover you’ve locked the intruder in the house with you, when the enemy has come into your home to destroy you?

Why are we silent about our childhood abuse what makes us not cry out literally?
Why do we allow shame to dictate how we ask for help?
How can we remain still in our singleness?

Clotea Mack– lifted in love

When you move god will show you what to do

No matter who caused the unforgiveness you have the power to forgive

Forgiveness does not excuse the behavior of the thing that cause you to have to forgive

Functioning in unforgiveness is not forgiveness and may not be a path to reconciliation

Forgiveness is the work of the heart

There’s a difference between a barrier and a boundary

Being the victim feels good, accept the part you play in situations and get to forgiveness (displace anger)

God want to heal what you reveal

People are tired of hearing your sad story they want to hear your success story