Know Nik: Issa Vibe!

Picture this…Late night the moon and stars are your only light. It’s quiet, not scary movie quiet, but quiet. There’s a gentle breeze blowing, Anthony Hamilton is playing gently on Alexa, in the background, your favorite red wine is in your favorite glass, you have your own personal charcuterie platter, and you are deep into the book you are reading this month…This is life! Mommies taking your moment requires you to set your own scene. What do you consider relaxing, rejuvenating, just chill. For me the scene above is everything that would set the vibe for me. Along this journey of finding my MOMent I’ve had the opportunity to set several scenes that work for what I am trying to achieve. There are MOMents with friends, with my boo, with the kids, and of course alone. 

I can recall a time when I didn’t know what to do. I tried to emulate scenes from movies and friends that I thought would fit me. Then I did this thing, this brave thing I like to call get naked. I stripped myself of everything I thought was relaxing for me and I began to explore the world around me. I went out with friends, I went out alone, I stepped completely outside my comfort zone and truly began to explore my world. The possibilities that opened up to me were endless. If I liked something I did it again and maybe again after that, if I didn’t like something I gave it one more try before putting it on the Oh Hell No list. I created a bucketlist of things I wanted to do and I started to do them. These things are mine and they are created just for me. 

I’ve learned to take my MOMents, to appreciate them and to not sacrifice them. I am enjoying my life on a whole new level. Mommies you are a VIBE, create your scene. 

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