Mom Luxury!

C. O. V. I.D.! Yes, these 5 letters have brought their fair share of negativity. The devastation we are living through with this pandemic has left its lasting impact. We are in a constant state of change, adapting and then changing again. I don’t know about you but change can be exhausting. I mean just think about it. Parents had to maintain an income, become teachers, school counselors, lunch ladies, recess monitors, and a bunch of other stuff we probably already do but in smaller doses and not all day every day. There is usually some break in all the commotion of the day that allows us a breather. Yeah, finding that breather in this panoramic was hard. But then again as your favorite Parental Guidance Counselor, I discovered something that will help you and me. I discovered Mom Luxury. 

Let’s define luxury: the state of great comfort and extravagant living. Doesn’t that sound like something you would like to participate in? A luxurious lifestyle where you experience great joy, pleasure, euphoria. Just the thought of this has me feeling all warm inside. But how do you experience Mom Luxury in the midst of the world hurling through chaos? You make a decision and you own it. 

See I decided that whatever made me feel luxurious I was going to do it. Here’s the thing, while luxury to some people is riding on a yacht, throwing whatever they want to buy in a bag, spending money, going on lavish vacations (mind you I love to do all of this) I also need to experience luxury without breaking the bank. What I discovered is luxury for me is doing the things I love unapologetically. So if I want to binge watch a series in my most comfortable pajamas, with wine and popcorn no matter what time of day it is, I’m going to do just that. If I decide to take my beach chair to my front yard, get a good book, and drink my infused water, then cheers to that version of luxury. Your mom luxury is what you make of it. 

Isn’t it time you defined luxury for yourself? What does your luxury look like to you?

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