Your Dad Is Right There!

I know I am not the only mom who has experienced this; you are sitting in the bathroom, finally a break from the chaos of the day. Then it happens, you hear, “MOM!!!!!!!!” Suddenly you are gathering yourself, flushing the toilet, washing hands, and dashing out the door to see what the screaming is all about. As you enter the kitchen, you notice bread, peanut butter and jelly on the counter. “Mom, can you make me a snack?” At least the kid took out the supplies. As you look around you notice sitting right there at the kitchen table is their father. Dad is just sitting there, scrolling his phone, giggling, oblivious. Why are children like this? Are Dads invisible?

I know that moms are the nurturers and that is why children are naturally attracted to seeking them for their needs. What happens when Mommy needs a moment? What happens when mom has to use the bathroom? (This is a big one for me) How do us as moms redirect and help our children and their fathers realize dad is available too. Mommies I believe I have a solution🠟

  1. When you hear that “Mom!!!!!’ and are indisposed, don’t immediately jump into action. Now this may be a risk because nobody wants to leave his or her children open to accidents, but we all know you can tell a “Mom!” There’s blood involved screaming from a “Mom! Can you do this scream?”, Ask your child(ren) if their father is available, if so, suggest they ask dad for assistance.
  2. As you are helping your child invite dad to help alongside you, showing them teamwork will let them know you both can do it. They can rely on the both of you.
  3. Talk to Dad! Express your concerns when it comes to the bulk of parenting issues, nurturing being placed on your plate. Be prepared to let him know how he can help.

Moms we set the tone! It’s time we introduce these two helpless/helpful people to each other. Tell me about a time you used the phrase “Your Dad Is Right There!” at least it’s good for a little laugh!

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