Pack Your Patience!

patienceI am one impatient mama!  There’s always something to do and little time to really slow down.  I am also one late mama which amps up my impatienceness.  I have to fit in everything I can so if you slow that process MOVE!!!! That’s until it was one of my kids slowing me down.

My son takes FOREVER to tell you the simplest of stories. When he does this I nod and grin but sometimes on the days where my patience is wearing thin I EXPLODE.  I usually give a laundry list of things I need to do so if he could just hurry up get to the point, then we could get on with the day.  Little did I know that this was damaging the open relationship I love to tell people we have.  I pride myself on my kids being able to come to me with anything no judgement. But who wants to talk to a mom that’s not really listening?!

My son came to my room and ask could he use my phone to call his older sister, it’s not uncommon for him to do that. Then she asked to speak with me and proceeds to tell me that she has to go up to the school on my son’s behalf.  Cute, she has to defend her brother. I was like why didn’t he tell me he was having a problem.  Then she said it, He probably did but you know how you do?! So they had discussed my impatient behavior, something I thought was hidden my children were bringing to the light. I was ashamed, my son couldn’t talk to me not because he was worried about my judgment but because he didn’t think I would listen or care.  BAD MOMMY (not in the good sense either.)

I made it a point then and there to actually start actively listening.  So as I heard him coming in the door I picked up my patience(figuratively) backpack and put it on.  I asked him about his day, what was going on, it took a good hour to start the conversation but he sssslllllloooowwlllyyy began to open up and I listened.  I didn’t pay attention to anything but him until he was finished.  It took a moment but I was patient.

Do you need to pack your patience? Do you need to make a conscious effort to offer patience to those that may require more than you have? If you’re a patience person leave some comments to help us who need to pack it.

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