Mommy’s Busting Out!

Hey Hot People!  Forgive me my thoughts are all over the place.  I need to tell y’all what happened and deliver this message to the hot mommies out there that need to bust out.  On Wednesday last week I met Terry McMillan (SCREAMS!!!) in case you are clueless, Terry (we met had a formal introduction I’m calling her by her first name now) wrote Waiting To Exhale & How Stella Got Her Groove, along with other novels but these are the most popular because they were turned into movies.  ANYWAY!  Met her, got to take this pic and get my … Continue reading Mommy’s Busting Out!

Being Nanekia…From Darkness to Light

In case you have been hiding under a rock…BEING MARY JANE IS BACK!!! The Being Nanekia series is inspired by the show and I’m so happy to take a little time from mommy topics to just be me and let you inside my thoughts. I’m always growing, always becoming self-aware, which can sometimes be a real pain, growth hurts so good.  Recently in doing some self-reflection I came to the realization that I had been living in the dark about a situation and was so ready to receive some light.  Here’s my thoughts on the darkness and the light… When … Continue reading Being Nanekia…From Darkness to Light

Black History…Black Love

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! In celebration of my readers and Black History month, let’s view some Black Love.  Thanks to all the participants! The Aimiuwu’s The Cannon’s Brooks & Tenisha The Moore’s The Bumper’s Angela & Rob The Carroll’s The Dickson’s Aliece & Marlon Michelle & Curtis The McCary’s The Newell’s The John’s Continue reading Black History…Black Love