You Are the HOTTEST MOM!

Erika 2I’m so excited to announce our first HOT MOM of the MONTH!!! ***drumroll please*** Congratulations to Ms. Erika Harrison, Hot Mom of the Month (January).  Erika is the hot mom to one feisty teenage daughter and a mama/sis to two sassy teen girls.  Erika’s unique parenting situation has led her to earn this distinction.  A few years ago Erika’s mom, Ms. Kay Harrison, was diagnosed with lung cancer.  As the family fought an awesome fight, in the background of the situation were two young ladies adopted by Ms. Kay before her diagnosis.  Ms. Kay won her battle with cancer and earned her wings just 30 days after her diagnosis.

Once friends and family celebrated Ms. Kay’s life, life continued. Here was Ms. Erika, single (fellas she’s still single, lol) living life, dealing with the loss of her best friend and becoming instamom to two more people.   Although there have been some bumps and lessons learned and still learning, she has taken this all in stride.  Remembering the lessons of her mother and utilizing the village to help raise her own daughter as well as her sisters.  Erika is a strong, courageous woman, who would deny any of this if you were to tell her, but the fact still remains, she stepped up to the plate and is fulfilling the duties taken on by her mom.

It truly takes a hot mom to love on and embrace someone else’s dream. To completely alter your life so that someone else may know and feel love is our God given duty, Erika has proven this time and time again.  Sometimes things may be strenuous and it may be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, through it all though Erika has strived to be the best she can be to all the young ladies.  You can’t ask for much more than that.  So, we salute you for your fire and zeal Ms. Erika Harrison, just another hot mom.

Harrison Girls“Hero and Selfless is what comes to mind. With the various shake-ups her life has thrown her, she has always carried herself with class and grace. She could have been angry about her circumstances, but instead my HERO put her cape, along with the occasional fly ass pump 👠, and literally took a bag full of coals and made diamonds 💎 out of the situation. Now that’s a Hot Sister/Mom!”~Sabrina Lewis

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