Helpful Tips for Raising Children After the Loss of a Parent

Reassure them that they are loved and will be taken care of. Listen, allow them to talk through their grieving process Try to maintain some sense of normality. You don’t forget about the parent, but you continue living life. Don’t be afraid to seek professional assistance Acknowledge their feelings Don’t forget about your own grief and don’t be afraid to let the child know you are grieving Remember the parent, share memories Allow your village to help Find a special way to celebrate the person’s life Remember grieving has no time limit Continue reading Helpful Tips for Raising Children After the Loss of a Parent

You Are the HOTTEST MOM!

I’m so excited to announce our first HOT MOM of the MONTH!!! ***drumroll please*** Congratulations to Ms. Erika Harrison, Hot Mom of the Month (January).  Erika is the hot mom to one feisty teenage daughter and a mama/sis to two sassy teen girls.  Erika’s unique parenting situation has led her to earn this distinction.  A few years ago Erika’s mom, Ms. Kay Harrison, was diagnosed with lung cancer.  As the family fought an awesome fight, in the background of the situation were two young ladies adopted by Ms. Kay before her diagnosis.  Ms. Kay won her battle with cancer and … Continue reading You Are the HOTTEST MOM!