How To Deal, Sibling Rivalry

Here’s a few links to help parents resolve sibling rivalry issues: 6 Ways to Prevent Sibling Rivalry: How to Stop Sibling Rivalry With Your Kids: How to End Sibling Rivalry:               Continue reading How To Deal, Sibling Rivalry

My Only Son

My son has been on me to be a part of the blog. Here’s his take on being my only son and how his sisters need him. Q1. Being the only boy with two sisters how does it feel? A1. It gets lonely. I want a little brother that looks up to me like Anissa looks up to Symone. All these girls I feel like I can’t get away from them. Q2. You feel like you’re the oldest sometimes because you believe you are more mature than Symone (my oldest)? A2. Because, sometimes Symone be wanting to play and I … Continue reading My Only Son

Sibling Rivalry

So, let’s just say I come from a really awesome talented family.  It’s not a secret, we all have an arsenal of blessings that have allowed us to showcase our talents on a level of platforms that most don’t have the opportunity to do.  I am very blessed to say my adventures in expressing my talents have been notably with my sister, Esha, on most occasions.  We are two very different people, with STRONG opinions about what we believe to be right and wrong.  If you know either of us then you know we are truly passionate about all the … Continue reading Sibling Rivalry