My Only Son

mom and jamielMy son has been on me to be a part of the blog. Here’s his take on being my only son and how his sisters need him.

Q1. Being the only boy with two sisters how does it feel?

A1. It gets lonely. I want a little brother that looks up to me like Anissa looks up to Symone. All these girls I feel like I can’t get away from them.

Q2. You feel like you’re the oldest sometimes because you believe you are more mature than Symone (my oldest)?

A2. Because, sometimes Symone be wanting to play and I want to be serious about the situation. I’m trying to handle my business.

Q3. How do you feel about being a big brother to Anissa?

A3. I feel like a good person because I want her to look up to me. I want her to see her big brother as a good man and that I will protect her.

Q4. How do you feel about being Symone’s little brother?

A4. I feel like she is a bully, that she thinks she is the boss of me, but I know she loves me.

Q5. Do you feel like there is a competition between you and your sisters to get my attention?

A5. No, I think, I don’t really know. I feel like you love us all the same and you try to be fair, but Anissa is spoiled.

Q6. Do you feel like you have to compete for other family member’s attention when it comes to you and your sisters?

A6. I feel like people may be harder on me because I am a boy and that the girls don’t get hard treatment.

Q7. Since you are the only boy, 2 sisters, 3 females cousins, how do you feel being the only boy?

A7. It makes me sad and nervous. Sad because the granddaughters get more attention because they are girly and they always need more attention. Nervous because those girls are a tough crowd, I have to be the man that protects all of them

Q8. Do you think Anissa makes you and Symone compete to see who is better at being the bigger sibling?

A8. Yes. Because they always say they are best friends and they take all these selfies together. I want Anissa to see me as a leader. They are only best friends because they are sisters. She loves me just not girly.

Q9. If you had to give advice to another middle child, what would your advice be?

A9. It would be to tell them good luck. Don’t feel bad about being the middle child. You get to be two people, the older one that your little sister can look up to and the younger one that can bother your older sister. .


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