Just One Hot Crafty Mama!

Pinterest has become a way of life. Anytime I need to figure out outift ideas, decor, how to fix something, ect. I go straight to Pinterest and I begin to search. It’s the Google for craftiness. As the holidays approach I was looking for a inexpensive way to celebrate my kids teachers. There are so many and let’s face it my budget won’t allow me to purchase individual gifts. Enters my good friend Pinterest. I was excited to see what would come up in my search and I am extremely excited to get to crafting.

My daughter’s homeroom teacher and I have become close. She reminds me of myself if I had the patience to become a teacher. I want to give her something just for her. Not to negate her supporting cast, members of the office team, I have to come up with something. Last year I gave her teacher a mug, so why not fill that mug up with somthing! I’ve opted to make her a relaxation tea tree. If she drinks tea or not I think, she can use it for herself or to entertain guest. For the rest of the staff I’ve selected a sweet treat and one I don’t have to bake. Reindeer brownies for the win. I like the thought of this gift because it will allow Anissa and I to work together. I love including her in on projects.

Now as for the teen man of the house, he could careless about giving anything to any teacher. Finals weeks has been brutal and he is over school for this semester. Even with that said I still believe the teachers and staff of the school community deserve a little treat. Jamiel’s school is significantly bigger than Anissa’s school so the reindeer brownies will not work, I’ve opted for Candy Cane Reindeer. I can buy a bunch of candy canes and drop a basket off to the main office as a gift from the family. It’s the gesture that counts right?! Either way I’m excited about crafting and spending time with the kids doing so,

What are some holiday crafts you do as a family? Please share them in the comments.

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Know Nik November: Transition Ain’t Easy!

I get a text message from one of my favorite fashionista blogger, Marcia Craggett, The Undercover Fashionista, go follow her now. “Let’s shoot!” I think I came up with an excuse every time she made this request and then one day the request came through and it sounded like a demand. I love taking pictures but as of late I was just blah about it. I needed new content for my site, but what would the purpose be behind it. Marcia could careless, I needed pics and she wanted to shoot so here we go. Early on a Saturday morning in some cold almost wet weather, I’m outside, exposed! The hour long shoot produced this month’s reflection “Know Nik November!” In the next phase of this journey, I’m being called to be more transparent, to be open and honest about how I am called to help other moms, maternal figures navigate this life without completely losing it.

Life is always happening! The kids are growing and transitioning themselves. My 9-5 has undergone multiple restructuring, I’m currently looking for a home, I’m building a business in which I help other women elevate their lives, I’m speaking at conferences, I’m writing a book, podcasting, and blogging. As I grow and let’s face it dominate these areas of my life, I’ve suffered some losses. When they say it’s lonely on the rise to the top they are not lying! Relationships have become complicated and some have died. In a time where I definitely need a team around me to support, to listen, to keep me grounded, I often find myself standing alone! This is not what I envisioned when I saw success in my future. I spend a lot of time alone!

As I sit here and even write this I can honestly say in the beginning I was devastated! How can I accomplish this life without my people?! Then I am reminded of seasons and reasons! There are seasons for people, situations, and things in your life, there are reasons people come and go, why situations change you, and why things come in and others move out. Taking all of this in and really dealing with myself and my reasons for even wanting to elevate my legacy, I now know that every lesson I learned in those seasons and reasons has enabled me to handle transitioning.

I am blessed to walk in these shoes! While transitioning, building, and welcoming new people into the village I’m thankful for it all. There are moments (Facebook) memories Where I see where I was and I think back to those amazing times with amazing people, then I look forward and I see many more extraordinary awesome times to come. This month “Know Nik November” I’m letting you in. I want you to know me, to see me, the growth I’m going through and the growth I’ve achieved. I’m excited to be on this journey. Stay tuned!