Know Nik: Chipped!

If you have followed me for any amount of time then you know I have no problem being transparent. If you’re new, buckle up. I find it easier to control my own narrative than to allow others to tell my story. Although I find some of the stories people come up with hilarious. Here is another opportunity for you to Know Nik! A few months ago my good buddy and blogger boo Marcia Cragget, SheFlyTho (IG), reached out to me to do a photo shoot. I love having people in my corner who just get me, Marcia is one of … Continue reading Know Nik: Chipped!

Feminine Health Concerns

As I read more stories of Black women dying before, during, or after childbirth I am devastated. I am hearing more stories of Black women’s voices not being heard when it comes to their health concerns. This is a very sensitive topic for me as I’ve experienced racial profiling when it comes to healthcare. Let me take you back to 2002…I’d been married for a year at the time and my oldest daughter Symone was about 4/5 years old. I went to my annual appointment which went well and was headed home when I got a call from the doctor’s … Continue reading Feminine Health Concerns

Game Day…

A few months ago, in the fall, I had a jammed pack weekend. I was speaking at two events at least 30-45 minutes away from my house and Jamiel had an away game. I usually don’t make away games, but because of my schedule lately I felt I had missed too many and I needed to make this one. I get done speaking and I hit the road to Jamiel’s game which is 45 minutes in the other direction. I pass the entrance to the field, no worries though I am there all I need to do is turn around. … Continue reading Game Day…


I have a morning routine that I stick to which helps me keep balance in my day. I get up, pray, meditate, do yoga, shower and start my day. This is my time and I love it. While sipping my tea I hear the loudest scream come from Anissa’s room. “MOMMY!!!!!” I leap into mom mode and dart towards her room to protect her from whatever is causing her distress. That’s my job right?! As her mother when I hear her call for me, I’m supposed to jump into action. As I enter her room I see her eyes closed … Continue reading MAMA!!!