Our Adventure In CANDY LAND!!!

Hey Hotties! Last Saturday Anissa and I took a little Christmas journey to Candy Land at the Penitentiary Glen Reservation. Growing up Candy Land was one of my favorite games. The colors and different characters allow you to transform into a world of gumdrops, lollipops, and dreams. I don’t know who was more excited to go on this adventure myself or Anissa. After about a 30 minute drive where my partner in crime fell asleep we arrive to the magic…

blog 12.3We were greeted by forest rangers who gave us our magical game box. Inside the box were cards just like the game with each flip of a card we were told which space to go to next. We enter the gates of Candy Land and there we find Christmas replication of one of my favorite childhood board games. Anissa is ready to play, I on the other hand want to take in the life-size model of the game. Instead I play, we flip a card and find our square, we continue to flip and find our next move until we reach the end of the game. But guess what, that wasn’t the end for us because we played 6 more times. It was great seeing my little lady enjoy the game as much as I did as a kid. Once we tired of hopping squares we turned in our magic box for our next adventure.

blog 12.3-1At the ranger station we were given a clipboard and clues. Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt. We were gifted with two scavenger hunts one for outside and one for inside. As we explore the inside fo the building we begin to notice things we hadn’t before. Each clue gave us access to another room/exhibit that we were seeing with new eyes for the first time. With our explorer hats on we touched and read about the animals there and the history of the center. We had an amazing time and learned so much. We started to head outside and then found a craft center. We Hotties love crafts so we enter. We were given the choice to either make a S’mores Bunny or Turtle. What?! We get our craft bag and inside we have materials we need to use to create this ornament. What a great time we had.

To go outside or not to, that is the question. As we put our coats on for the outdoor scavenger hunt it begins to rain. A little rain won’t hurt us, but as Anissa pointed out no one was looking forward to wash day (our hair) so we opted to stay in and grab a snack. We ventured into the gift shop where we found great treats, educational materials and a few furry friends. We decided ice cream treats for the day and a new snake to take home and prank Jamiel.

If you are interested in going on the Candy Land goes Wild adventure click here and take your own journey. What are you all doing to celebrate the holiday season and create new traditions?    blog 12.3-2


I Don’t Wanna Go Broke!

blog photo 11.20.18Hey Hotties! How many of us remember that Toys R Us kid’s song. I knew when I heard it around the holidays Christmas was fast approaching. Well now Toys R Us is no longer around ( insert sad face), is that due to poor financial planning, biting off more than they could chew, like the Tootsie Roll commercial “the world may never know?!” What I do know is I don’t want to see any parent going broke trying to provide a “Christmas” experience for their family. So below you will find a few ways I am curbing my spending during this upcoming holiday season.

Forbes predicts that parents will spend $495 per child. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, parents are pouring out big bucks for electronic items, collector items, and lifetime experiences for their children. Our children are living their best lives and we are going broke for them to do it! So how do we stop the cycle of unnecessary debt and enjoy this season. I’m going to tell you what I’ve done and hopefully it helps you.

  1. I made a list of the individuals I was going to purchase gifts for. I would love to splurge on all my nieces, nephews, aunties, uncles, and cousins but that’s not feasible. I’ve kept the list very specific and assigned a dollar amount to each person.
  2. Name Amount Spent Remaining
    Symone 150 75 75
    Jamiel 150 63 87
    Anissa 150 92 58

    Once the amount allocated is gone that’s it, there is no more to spend.

  3. I started shopping 2 months ago. I allotted an amount from each paycheck to go towards the holidays. This way I wasn’t rushing to buy things just because I had to get a gift and I was able to budget between bills and extracurriculars. Also while I love a good Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, there have been some amazing sales going on if you sign up to receive promotions from those stores or vendors. While the emails may get to be a bit much at times, I love being the “first” to know about the sale and getting that extra 15-35% off because I signed up with them.
  4. All gifts matter! Here’s is where your parental guilt may cause you to break the bank spending this season. DON’T DO IT! If you can’t afford it, then that’s it, making a choice between paying a bill and your child having the new Jordan’s is a no brainer. Now don’t get me wrong I love seeing the excited look on my children’s faces when they get the gift they really want, but I’ve also instilled in them that appreciation for the gifts they receive is the greatest gift they can give back to me as a parent. (cause let’s face it they not breaking their little banks to buy us gifts). You are doing the best you can, don’t allow social media, TV, YouTube, or other parents make you feel guilty about what you can and cannot afford. You run your household and you know what you need to keep the needs of the family first not just the wants.
  5. Now if you are one of those people who just have to get EVERYBODY a gift, but you know you can’t afford it, here’s my back-up plan. Get photos of you and your family and have them printed, then create a holiday memory book for family members to display in their homes. Get artsy with it, no grandparent can resist a photo album with the little painted baby hands on it. Or you can bake cookies and give them out, this allows for you all to do a family activity and share with others.

Debt is something we should start teaching our children early to steer clear of. As much as we want to fulfill a want, discipline in spending habits will go a long way to secure their futures. What is your budget looking like this holiday season? How can you save?


Bah humbug!

I love the holiday season the smells around the house, the beautiful scenery. There’s magic in the air during this season. What I don’t like is how everyone gets so political. We each have our own views about how we want to raise our families, if you celebrate holidays great, if not that’s cool too. The point is don’t rain on someone else’s parade because you want them to feel how you feel.

Say for instance the whole Santa thing, some kids believe and some parents are like OH HELL NO, some old man won’t get credit for my hard work. Guess what either way neither are right or wrong it’s a preference. My kids figured it out themselves and I just asked them not to ruin it for other children. They didn’t believe in Santa but could not wait to lose a tooth so that they could get a visit from the Tooth Fairy (major side-eye). WE each are building our own traditions and it’s okay if our traditions don’t match. Each of our families are different and we have to determine what is right for each of us.

This has been a year of reflection for me. In case you haven’t seen it in any of my post, writings or videos, it’s been a time of embracing my individuality and that’s all I hope for you. I can’t tell you how to live your life, but I can encourage you to live the best life for you and your family. Whatever traditions you have embrace those, make those your legacy, but don’t force them on others or try to shame them for having different beliefs. I’ve also learned that my children are going to develop their own traditions, that heaven forbid (kidding) will be different from what they were taught growing up in my household. You have to trust that the memories you are creating will help them embrace who they are as people and you have to watch them flourish and be who they really are.

So what am I saying…CELEBRATE YOU! Celebrate your family in whatever form or fashion works out for all of you. Determine that as we electric slide (I’m telling my age) into this next year that you will focus on what makes you and your family happy. I promise your best moments are yet to come.


20 Things Singles Don’t Want to Hear During the Holidays & the Response You May Receive!

On the blog, 20 Things Singles Don’t Want to Hear During the Holidays
& the Response You May Receive!

It’s all in fun and love! Enjoy your family time and a few laughs on us!

single awareness tumblr_kxt9l6mJSG1qzjgcgo1_5001

  1. You’ll find someone someday.
    (response: Don’t you think I already know that!)
  2. Mr./Mrs. Right is being prepped for you.
    (response: Well make sure they’re well done this time)
  3. I’ve got just the right person for you, my niece/nephew is single too.
    (response: Does my shirt say desperately seeking?!)
  4. When are you getting married?
    (response: If I knew that, I would have sent out “Save the dates” by now to avoid you asking this question, again!)
  5. Whatever happened to so and so?
    (response: If you don’t see them around then apparently we ain’t together!)
  6. You’re not getting any younger!
    (response:**ding, ding** You are correct! I don’t suffer from that Benjamin Button disease)
  7. You can always get a pet.
    (response: Well just go ahead put me in the housecoat, slippers, cigarettes, bonnet and deem me that cat lady)
  8. I pray you find someone soon.
    (response: While you’re praying, please ask for deliverance from put foot in mouth disease!)
  9. Have you tried online dating?
    (response: No, but thanks grandma for creating that profile and stressing that I am in desperate need!)
  10. Maybe you should fix yourself up.
    (response: So, you think I’m trying to fix myself down?!)
  11. You’ll find someone when you least expect it.
    (response: Well hopefully I’m fixed up by then! (reference #10))
  12. Your standards are too high.
    (response: So you’re saying I should take practices personal hygiene off the table?!)
  13. Hopefully we’ll be planning your wedding soon.
    (response: And your funeral next!)
  14. As a virgo you should really be looking for a cancer as a match?
    (response: And in what bible did you find this compatibility chart?!)
  15. There’s someone out there for everyone.
    (response: Apparently so, someone found you.)
  16. If all else fails, at least you have family.
    (response: Well, damn that is a depressing thought!)
  17. What happened to (insert ex’s name here), I mean he/she left you in debt but he/she had some pretty teeth?
    (response: Well there you have it, hopefully great dental hygiene will pay our mortgage someday.)
  18. Remember when you were 10 years old and you and (insert childhood friend’s name here) said you were going to get married, what happened?
    (response: We did this thing called “GROW UP”)
  19. Back in high school everybody thought you would be the first to get married. (response: Back in high school I had no standards!)
  20. You just need to put yourself out there.
    (response: So, mom, you hanging that desperately seeking a date for my son/daughter sign ain’t getting the response you expected, huh?!)

    Just kidding! It’s all in fun and sarcasm.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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HOLIDAY HELL!! Top 20 Annoying Things About the Holiday Season!

On the blog HOLIDAY HELL!! Top 20 Annoying Things About the Holiday Season!
It’s all in fun and love! Enjoy your family time and a few laughs on us!

(Featuring Ayesha Ansari)

  1. While shopping during the holiday season and you are in line with your cart and have been for 20 minutes, someone gets in line behind you with one item and they feel you should let them cut. #peoplegottabeouttheymind
  2. When FedEx, UPS, USPS dogs your package because they mad about the weight. #youmadornah
  3. The one person in your office that has too much holiday spirit and insists on wearing holiday attire every day. #weseeyouwegetityoulovetheholidayseason
  4. When your family tries to guilt you into giving a gift after you say you’re done shopping. #overit
  5. The dreaded gift exchange. When your Secret Santa waits till the last minute and gives you the gift you gave them last year. #deadwrong
  6. When Bath & Body works has their last minute sale and you end up with 20 bottle of Japanese Cherry Blossom #justbuymestockinthecompany
  7. When your non-cooking family member offers to make the holiday dinner and the turkey is dryer than a desert breeze #weneedgravy
  8. People who post all the nice things they do for people during the holiday season, but forget we know them all year long and know they ain’t that nice. #scrooge #youregettingcoal
  9. People who talk about all the money they spent during the holiday season, but won’t pay you back the $5 they owe you #bishbettahavemymoney
  10. People who will get mad and take this list seriously #itsalljokes
  11. Wine glasses with water in them, DISRESPECTFUL #thiscupwasmadefordranking
  12. When family members want you to visit during the holidays and they live halfway across the planet and it’s a blizzard outside #yougotgasmoneyandashovel
  13. When family members pack their to go plate before y’all even sat down for dinner #canigetaplate
  14. When your cousin brings the “new boo” to the Christmas dinner and that’s not who came to Thanksgiving dinner and your grandma comments #whothehellisthis
  15. When you realize there is no rum for the eggnog or cider and you could use a drink #mynervesbad
  16. When the family instigator prays for togetherness at the family dinner, but just started an argument between your aunts #fixitJesus
  17. When you bring your cousin with you to the family dinner and you are ready to go but they planted firmly on the couch like y’all ain’t come together #hegonneedaride
  18. .The family member who never brings anything but complains about the food, gifts, drinks, and the heat in the house. #didyoucontribute
  19. The one person in your family that does not believe in technology and still uses a disposable camera, “Wait let me wind it!” #somebodygetthemacameraphoneplease
  20. ULTIMATE FAIL: The person who sends a group text with a holiday greeting to EVERYBODY and people reply back “who is this” all day long! #justacceptthedamngreeting

BONUS: The one person in your family who is “wealthy” gives everyone an envelope for Christmas, when you open it, there are coupons inside #theygotrichtostayrich



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