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Here are a few of my favorite guest and podcast episodes from the last year. I appreciate all my guest giving me the opportunity to share their story. Tune in! Click the links!

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I Quit!

How often do we tell our kids to never give up to not quit.  I thought long and hard before I decided to quit, I had to make sure I was quitting for all the right reasons.  See I’ve been needing to quit for the longest time.  But there’s always something there telling me not to give up.  Well today I quit and if you are smart you’ll quit right along with me.

See there does come a point in your life where you do need to quit.  Quit complaining, if you are not going to take the necessary action to change the complaint , just quit.  Quit saying you’re going to live your best life, yet you never do, what’s stopping you, YOU!!!  Quit making excuses for people who are not asking you to excuse them.  MASK OFF! Some people we want to change will never change they are happy and content, you are the one living in misery, just quit.  Quit procrastinating!  What the hell are you waiting for?! Write that book, go back to school, sell those cakes, travel.  Why are you waiting, what happens if you decide to go ahead and make that move? You’re time is now!  Quit waiting for people to accept you.  Let me tell you the moment you walk in your truth and truly be who you are destined to be, THE GAME WILL CHANGE FOR YOU!  You be the first person to accept you.  I’m quitting! Quitting is not always a bad thing, sometimes you have to quit that thing to get what is really meant for you.  But because we refuse to quit, we get stuck.  You know what I’m talking, stuck on stupid and paused on dumb.

So what do you do when you don’t know how to quit?! I have not a clue, but what I do know that since quitting a few things mentioned above and going cold turkey, I feel free.  I feel free to embrace what is really meant for me.  See each of us has a role to play, that role is only meant for us and no one else can play it.  We are also responsible for figuring that role out and making sure our character does that role justice.  The moment you choose you, secure you, then you can be free to help others.  It all starts with you

My challenge QUIT!  There is something greater in store for you once you quit negativity and decide to embrace the positive.  It won’t be easy, but we as a community are here to support.  Drop what you are quitting in the comments. Quit!


Mommy, I’m Grown!

mommy i'm grownLast week I was exhausted. There was so much to do and so little time.  Normally I try to get things done before everyone gets home or early in the morning before they wake up.  This is my time to clean and kind of release some stress.  Wednesday night while others were sleeping, what I would normally do to relieve some stress from my morning routine was taken to a whole different level when I discovered someone was MISSING!  I searched the entire house, no Symone (oldest hot kid). I knew she had been working but it was getting late and she should have come home by now.  I am a worry wart, I can’t help it, it’s one of the reason I limit my news intake.  No matter how much I pray or do others things not to worry, it’s a natural instinct when something is out of sorts with one of my children, I have a need to freak out!  I called her, no answer, I text, no response, I call again and again, still no response.  Stress level is on 100 now.  What next?  I call on the village. We jump into action to locate my poor baby, who could be laying in a ditch, calling out for her mama, and I can’t find her.  Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, but you get my drift.  I was in panic mode.  Where could she be?! Time passes and I get a text, “Mom I fell asleep, I am at so and so house, its cool.”  I can’t describe the level of pissed off I was so I’ll continue in a moment below…

(5 minute break)

I’m calm, I can continue. I was so happy she was safe.  But, because I watch too much The First 48, I had to call so that I could hear if her voice sounded stressed.  It did not, as a matter of fact it sounded like she was annoyed, with me.  Could my sweet angel really be trying me?  Yeah, I think she was.  I went into straight mom check that attitude mode.  I ran down the statistics of missing and exploited youth, I gave the speech about how she lived under my roof, I went in for the kill with you grown but you ain’t that grown.  I had an arsenal of speeches and statistics ready to combat anything she could try to say.  Her response, “Mom, you raised me right!”  Well people there you have it, I raised her right, she is the perfect adult, no flaws, and she can ride off into the sunset and live her life.  BULLSHIT! (Forgive the language)

mommy i'm grown 1I am new to this parenting an “adult” situation. I just really got use to her being my kid and now she gets to use the adult card on me.  I think not, or so I thought not.  Although in the eyes of the government, her friends, and few others, she is an adult, but she’s still my child, someone I still have things to teach, someone I feel the need to protect, someone who still needs me.  How do you know you raised them right?  If I raised her right, where was my phone call?!  What is a mom to do?  I took a cue from The Huxtables.  She is correct she is an adult (19 tomorrow), an adult who lives with her mom, but still wants to have adult freedom.  I want to help her embrace that adult freedom, I want to make it real for her so that she can embrace her adulthood.  I am proud to say that my adult child will be signing her first lease agreement on her 19th birthday, contracted by her mom.  I know I raised her right, I don’t need her to verify that for me.  I’m not done raising her right, but now I have to find alternative ways to get the lessons she needs to learn across to her.  What better way to learn the true nature of being an adult, than having to pay bills?!  So, Happy Birthday My Love, rent is due on the 1st!

Parents, have you found that some of your parent’s methods of parenting are not working for this generation? What alternative ways of parenting have you come up with?  I’ve got two more to go, help.

Happy Birthday Symone! Welcome to the “Guilt Trip” love you!