Back to School Blues!!

back to school 2018Summer is wrapping up and school is right around the corner (YAY!). Parents your grocery bill is about to go back to normal, just wait on it. I think that’s the thing that excites me the most my bills will normalize and well the fact that I will have a high schooler and a kindergartener. But let’s face it along with those joyous moments as we prepare to send our kids back out into the education jungle, there are some struggles to be had.

For our entire summer break, we’ve stayed up late, slept in, basically our schedule was a free for all, but with school just a few weeks away it’s time to make some adjustments. I once read somewhere (if I could recall I would give credit) that it takes 12 consecutive days for something to become a routine. So since school is just about that amount of time away we have started the following;

  1. Preparing our clothes/lunches for the next day the night before so we can do our morning routine and have our outfit/food for the day ready.
  2. Going to bed at a decent time. This is mainly for my 5-year-old, if she doesn’t get enough sleep we all pay the price in the morning. I don’t want her to start off on a bad note at a new school so 8pm bedtime it is. Now for some this is late, but for our family schedule this is perfect. Helping her develop her nightly routine distracts her from the fact her brother isn’t going to bed.
  3. Test runs to both schools and to work. We’ve gotten up and driven to both schools during rush hour to see how much time it takes. OUR FAMILY IS ALWAYS LATE! I want to start fresh with the new schools so being on time is a priority.
  4. Update your calendar! Hopefully your child’s school has sent out the yearly calendar, you should update your family calendar now. That way you are well aware of school events that will take place and ca prepare accordingly.
  5. FOr older children like my high schooler we have started the conversation about the appropriate amount of study time. With social media we need to be intentional about the time we give toward studying and sticking to it. If you start the conversation now then those “But Mom” moments will hopefully lessen because you;ve already discussed your expectation for studying.

You can still enjoy those last few weeks before school starts, but don’t get left behind and wondering why you are struggling, implement routines now to help alleviate this problem. What are some things you do to help your child(ren) prepare for the return to school? Comment below.

These may help you as well!
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Rise & Shine little one with this nifty night light and clock!
Learning Responsibility Star Chart

Teaching responsibility doesn’t have to stress you out. Using a chore chart and holding your child accountable will help the future leaders of tomorrow!

The Night Before Kindergarten

The night before the first BIG day of school can be hard, help your child ease into the situation with this cute story about how children are preparing for school.


You Are the HOTTEST Mom!

denee greathouseThere are so many amazing women, doing amazing things, living extraordinary lives. I think we can all agree with that. There are a few that stay behind the scenes, performing miracles all around us and we will never meet them, but they do these things for us because of who they are. This HOT MAMA Ms. Denee Greathouse does all that and so much more.

Denee as long as I’ve known you, you have always been selfless. You are not only my great friend for over 30 years, but someone I truly admire. I have witnessed you give and expect nothing in return, you are hilarious even in situations where it’s hard to find humor. We affectionately call you “Granny” because your spirit is that of a grandmother, giving wisdom, correction, and love to those around you.

So Denee aka Granny, you are the HOTTEST MOM! May the love you show to others be returned to you 100-fold!


Where My Girls At?

my girls 3How many of us are in need of a Girls Night Out?! **RAISES HAND** Lately I have been so busy conquering so many things that I have not been able to get in much girl time. Trust I need my girl time, it keeps me grounded, it keeps me slaying, it keeps me young. So what can I do to get my much needed girl time?

  1. Be spontaneous! If you find yourself available one evening call up your girls, who ever can make it out, meet up and do something. No matter if it’s dinner, drinks, movie whatever. Don’t be so scheduled that you forget to just live.
  2. Schedule it! If your life is that hectic and you don’t have any time to be spontaneous make your night out something THAT HAS TO BE DONE!
  3. Plan a trip together. The anticipation that builds up when you know you are about to be out of town with your favorite people is exhilirating. People are more likely to let their hair down when you venture into the unknown together. So get your passports and let’s go!
  4. If you can’t get international or out of your state, ROAD TRIPPIN is always a nice alternative. I’m sure there is some winery (at least that’s where me & my girls would go) or other place not to far from home you all can explore together, make it a day trip and enjoy the laughs and love.
  5. If all else fails and you can’t meet up (insert sad face) get on a call together. May seem a little 90ish but hey it’s a way to stay connected and feel all that joy that overcomes you when you get with your girls.

Life is too short not to enjoy it, especially with the people you love and who love you back. So get your girls and go for it.


Why Won’t She Sleep?!

anissa sleepEverybody tells you to sleep when the baby sleeps. That’s the advice new moms get when they have a fresh bundle of joy, but what are you to do as a seasoned mom with a 5-year-old who doesn’t sleep?! I was seriously starting to believe that Anissa was sneaking energy drinks before bed. I’d heard start a routine, once she gets use to the routine she’ll be asleep in no time. So what did I do, I set the alert on my phone to start our routine, 1. take a bath, while in the bath read bedtime story, 2. lotion up give a gentle massage while helping put them to bed to help them relax, 3. Lights out no distractions, turn off the lights, tv, tablet, whatever, they should be in a completely dark room and in about 10 minutes they’ll be sleep. THIS WAS ALL A LIE!

Now what I wrote above may work for some, but it did not work for my youngest precious gift from above. She would sleep for about 20 minutes and then be up late into the night TALKING TO ME WHILE I WAS TRYING TO SLEEP. At first I blamed school, her nap time was too long so of course she wasn’t sleepy, then I blamed all the other people in the house, they were too loud, they kept her too excited. I felt like I was never going to sleep again. I think an adult lacking sleep is worse than a kid who gets no sleep, I was beyond cranky at work. So what’s a mom to do…settle in and just accept that sleep and I are no longer friends OR take action.

I studied this little girl. I needed to know exactly what she did prior to our routine so that I could see if there was something I could use to help me. I discovered her playing with her dolls in her room, that was it. By the way she’s a really good teacher and excellent doctor. At my wit’s end and needing a nap I talked to my sister, and she made a good point. In the summer time when we are able to go outside and play then come in and do our routine we didn’t have this sleep issue. In the winter time though, we are semi stuck in the house not able to enjoy getting out and putting our energy into running around playing. **LIGHT BULB** I’m always tired after my workout, I get in the tub, which relaxes me, lotion up then off to bed, pending Anissa’s chats I can sleep all night. YAY!! So instead of working out with the ladies 5 times a week I found a similar video on YouTube, comparable to my dance class and Anissa and I dance for an hour. Once that hour is up I strike with the routine. At firstĀ  I was skeptical, this was not going to work and now I would be sore and tired. BUT it did, she worked out hard, she loves to dance and before I knew it she could hardly make it to the bath before showing signs of sleepiness. This has gone on for a few weeks and I’m so excited.

So that’s what worked for me. Have you had this issue or know of someone who did? What techniques did they use? List them in the comments in case I need a back-up.