Daddy Duties!

The month of June is all about the Dads! I want to take this opportunity to thank Dads for the important role you play in our children’s lives. No matter the circumstance on how you became a father, when you decided to step into that role know you matter.

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying good-bye so hard.”
~ Winne the Pooh

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An Open Letter to my Bonus Dad

Hey Steve!

SteveI’m a very lucky girl! Not only did God see fit to bless me with an awesome dad, but in His divine greatness He saw fit to give me you as a Bonus Dad.  WOW!  How cool is that?!  I know in the beginning I wasn’t easy to get along with, but no matter what you still pushed through.  Day by day my heart softens towards you.  It’s amazing how emotional teenage girls can be (lol).  I bet you never guessed the amount of time it would take to crack through the tough wall that is my personality.  But you did it, and I am eternally grateful that you did.

You hung in there during all my troublesome teen years and you were there through my misguided twenties. You didn’t try to replace my dad, instead you just became a cool dude who offered advice and cared about me.  I know you cared because if I were you I don’t know how many times I would have put me out the house for my obnoxious behavior.  But you just laughed and made fun of me.  You made it so that I was able to laugh at myself.  Dude we are really silly! Not only did you come along as a Bonus Dad, but you gave me a baby brother.  I love this dude like we share the same DNA and he gets the same torture my sister gets.  There’s no step between us, he’s just my brother.

When I finally had children of my own, you were so excited. You are their Granddad and you took to spoiling them right away.  My son for the longest time thought you took his nose and replaced it at night (that boy is strange), he really looked up to you and misses you.  Thank you for never making us feel like we were not a part of your family, for embracing us and allowing our worlds to mix.  You did good sir.

I pray that you are in heaven meeting someone who tells as many off colored jokes as you, sitting on a porch sipping special lemonade. Happy Father’s Day!


Dedicated to the memory of Steven Michael Sanders.


Open Letter To My Daddy In Heaven

Dear Daddy,

People keep saying that with each day the pain will get easier. I don’t feel this way.  I’m missing you so much Daddy!  There’s a piece of my heart gone and an empty hole that I know can’t be filled is left there.  I miss you!

I miss our talks, the way you were always ready to listen and give advice. I miss the way you always tried to fix things around the house, despite not being so handy.  I miss the passion you showed when you talked about the family.  I miss our little jokes and the moments you wiped away my tears.  I MISS YOU!

I wish heaven had visiting hours or at least a day, I wouldn’t need words, just a hug from you Daddy. I pray that God allows all Daddies to see how much they are loved and missed.  I pray for you still, that you are happy, that you are not in pain.  I pray for us too Daddy, I pray that we will be thankful for having you be the man to show us what a man should stand for.  I’m trying hard to understand why my Daddy had to go away.  I mean, I wasn’t ready, had you really fulfilled your purpose and you could leave?!  This is so unfair, I wasn’t ready for you to stop being my Dad.  The pain can be unbearable, but mom said God makes no mistakes and I know she’s right.

Well Daddy, I’m going to go. I hope I’m still making you proud, love you!



Open Letter to My Missing In Action Father


mia dad 1

Dear Sir,

I am not sure if I should address you as Dad, Father, Guy who use to live here, so I’’’ just go with sir for now.  I haven’t seen you in a while and we haven’t spoken either.  I was curious, did I do something wrong?  I mean I get it, you and mom can’t seem to get along, but I at least thought I was cool with you.  Did I offend you in some way?  I know my behavior isn’t always the best and my attitude can be a little rough, is that why you didn’t show up to our visit?  Is that why you haven’t shown up the last few months?

Dad a lot has happened.  I’m growing up and I have questions.  Questions that I want to ask you, that I know my Dad will be able to answer.  I called you today, but it went to voicemail, so I left you a message.  I thought you might be at work and couldn’t answer the phone, so I thought I would send a text, “Hey Dad!”  That was a few hours ago, maybe you’re working late.  I’m sure you’ll reply soon.

Daddy I wish I could see you.  I remember we use to have so much fun, I miss that fun.  My Daddy would play with me, we’d get ice cream and you would make me laugh until juice came out my nose.  Do you remember that Daddy?  Daddy we were happy, we were best friends.  I miss you Daddy, do you miss me?

I waiting on you Daddy.  I’m not mad, but my feelings are a little hurt.  If you see this can you call me?  I’m waiting!

Missing you!

Your Child

mia dad