How To Combat Boredom During Coronavirus Crisis!

Okay so if they have not already done so in your state in the state of Ohio schools have been given an extended Spring Break. We are collectively praying that our children will be able to go back to school by the first or second week in April. I am asking that we all pray this together. So what do we do in the midst of this crisis when kids will be at home? Eating all their meals at home, being in each other’s space constantly, needing a way to still learn but you as their parent are not a … Continue reading How To Combat Boredom During Coronavirus Crisis!

5 Tips To Help Get Kids Drinking Water!

We know that there are plenty of options out there to quench your thirst! Juice, milk, smoothies, pop/soda, and WATER! I think water gets a bad wrap with our kids because it has no flavor. If you are having a hard time getting your children to drink water hopefully these tips will help you! Infused Water! water infused with fruit is a great way to get kids to drink. The fruit gives it a little flavor, captures their attention with the beautiful colored fruit floating around. Itʼs health benefits include keeping them hydrated, detoxing their bodies, and improving their mood (we … Continue reading 5 Tips To Help Get Kids Drinking Water!

Our Adventure In CANDY LAND!!!

Hey Hotties! Last Saturday Anissa and I took a little Christmas journey to Candy Land at the Penitentiary Glen Reservation. Growing up Candy Land was one of my favorite games. The colors and different characters allow you to transform into a world of gumdrops, lollipops, and dreams. I don’t know who was more excited to go on this adventure myself or Anissa. After about a 30 minute drive where my partner in crime fell asleep we arrive to the magic… We were greeted by forest rangers who gave us our magical game box. Inside the box were cards just like the … Continue reading Our Adventure In CANDY LAND!!!