Dear Black Woman…

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” Maya Angelou Black Women are at a unique time in history. We are winning and some of us don’t even know it. We have the opportunity to grab this world, smack it, flip it, and turn it in a new direction. A direction led by our fierceness, our courageousness, our boldness, our confidence. In order to achieve this we must realize some things about ourselves Black Woman. We must hold ourselves accountable. We must realize that it is going … Continue reading Dear Black Woman…

Know Nik: Issa Vibe!

Picture this…Late night the moon and stars are your only light. It’s quiet, not scary movie quiet, but quiet. There’s a gentle breeze blowing, Anthony Hamilton is playing gently on Alexa, in the background, your favorite red wine is in your favorite glass, you have your own personal charcuterie platter, and you are deep into the book you are reading this month…This is life! Mommies taking your moment requires you to set your own scene. What do you consider relaxing, rejuvenating, just chill. For me the scene above is everything that would set the vibe for me. Along this journey … Continue reading Know Nik: Issa Vibe!

Pack Your Peace!

My peace is my power! As we talk this week about taking our Mommy Moments I want you to think about what it is you find peace in. I once thought that peace was something far off, too far for me to reach. I mean, there is always something going on. 2020 has shown us to expect the unexpected! I have a busy life and at times my peace escapes me. I realized that the only person allowing my peace to fall to the wayside was me! Ain’t that some truth for me and you! When I started #MommyNeedsAMoment I … Continue reading Pack Your Peace!


I have a morning routine that I stick to which helps me keep balance in my day. I get up, pray, meditate, do yoga, shower and start my day. This is my time and I love it. While sipping my tea I hear the loudest scream come from Anissa’s room. “MOMMY!!!!!” I leap into mom mode and dart towards her room to protect her from whatever is causing her distress. That’s my job right?! As her mother when I hear her call for me, I’m supposed to jump into action. As I enter her room I see her eyes closed … Continue reading MAMA!!!