The Convenient Toy

So the other day I inconveniently forgot an item I needed for dinner at the grocery. I got all the way home and realized it, there was no way I was going back to that grocery store.  So I opted to get the item, at a higher price, at the “convenient store.”  As I walked into the store a little boy about 7-8 years old walked in behind me.  He looked eager to get inside and purchase his item, he had his money in hand.  Me, being a mom, looked to see if he had walked there alone and saw … Continue reading The Convenient Toy

Game Day…

A few months ago, in the fall, I had a jammed pack weekend. I was speaking at two events at least 30-45 minutes away from my house and Jamiel had an away game. I usually don’t make away games, but because of my schedule lately I felt I had missed too many and I needed to make this one. I get done speaking and I hit the road to Jamiel’s game which is 45 minutes in the other direction. I pass the entrance to the field, no worries though I am there all I need to do is turn around. … Continue reading Game Day…

No Place Like Home?!

I, like many other parents, have mixed emotions when it is time for our children to leave the nest. There’s an overwhelming feeling of worry, sadness, joy and victory. All those emotions as you watch your children venture off into the world to start their own lives. I can recall the day Symone moved out (for the 2nd time that’s a different story), I felt accomplished and happy for her. I went to visit her new home, the place she would lay her head after a long night at work, after hanging out with friends, that place where she would … Continue reading No Place Like Home?!

I Wanna Go Home!

On June 5, 2020 my 16 year old son Jamiel woke up in the morning eager (I say this with sarcasm) to start the day. He came downstairs, greeted us all, prepared his daily protein shake and went on to get ready for what is his normal daily routine. He put on his workout clothes and his weighted bookbags, kissed me and said “Ma, I’ll be right back!” Out of my eyesight, I assume my son put his earbuds in and started the four block walk to the track, he does this daily, sometimes twice a day. I assume that … Continue reading I Wanna Go Home!