Free Who?!

This will probably be an unpopular opinion but it’s the truth and some of us need to realize it. STOP ASKING US TO FREE YOUR RELATIVES WHO DESERVE TO BE IN JAIL! Yes, I said it. Why should they be free if they committed the crime shouldn’t they do the time?! Now don’t get me wrong I know the justice system is really messed up and there are individuals in jail who do not deserve to be there, this article is not about them. This is however about the family member who has committed a real crime, gotten caught, had … Continue reading Free Who?!

Feminine Health Concerns

As I read more stories of Black women dying before, during, or after childbirth I am devastated. I am hearing more stories of Black women’s voices not being heard when it comes to their health concerns. This is a very sensitive topic for me as I’ve experienced racial profiling when it comes to healthcare. Let me take you back to 2002…I’d been married for a year at the time and my oldest daughter Symone was about 4/5 years old. I went to my annual appointment which went well and was headed home when I got a call from the doctor’s … Continue reading Feminine Health Concerns


I have a morning routine that I stick to which helps me keep balance in my day. I get up, pray, meditate, do yoga, shower and start my day. This is my time and I love it. While sipping my tea I hear the loudest scream come from Anissa’s room. “MOMMY!!!!!” I leap into mom mode and dart towards her room to protect her from whatever is causing her distress. That’s my job right?! As her mother when I hear her call for me, I’m supposed to jump into action. As I enter her room I see her eyes closed … Continue reading MAMA!!!

I Wanna Go Home!

On June 5, 2020 my 16 year old son Jamiel woke up in the morning eager (I say this with sarcasm) to start the day. He came downstairs, greeted us all, prepared his daily protein shake and went on to get ready for what is his normal daily routine. He put on his workout clothes and his weighted bookbags, kissed me and said “Ma, I’ll be right back!” Out of my eyesight, I assume my son put his earbuds in and started the four block walk to the track, he does this daily, sometimes twice a day. I assume that … Continue reading I Wanna Go Home!