Work It Out Kiddo!

If you’ve been following me for awhile then you know Anissa is an Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer, at least that’s what I like to believe in my head. In actuality swimming is the physical activity Anissa enjoys. That was up until she graduated. Yes, Anissa officially reached the end of her swim lesson journey. After graduation we looked for other activities for Anissa to do to keep her physical. Up next…cheerleading. All throughout the summer we went to practice and games and kept Anissa active. Now we have reached the time of the year where those activities are wrapping up … Continue reading Work It Out Kiddo!

Things You Wish Other Moms Shared About Motherhood

Did you ever think to yourself I wish someone would have told me this? Although we don’t get a manual to this whole motherhood thing, we do however have moms who have come before us that have a wealth of knowledge. I know as soon as I announced I was pregnant I got a bunch of advice about cravings, what to put on my belly to prevent stretch marks, and to enjoy sleeping now because it would soon end. While that advice was great there are a few things about motherhood I wish someone would have told me. A few … Continue reading Things You Wish Other Moms Shared About Motherhood

Parent/Child Date Night Idea

Now I know we spend a lot of time talking about keeping the fire going in our significant other relationships. Totally important! I also think it’s important that we don’t negate the time we spend with our children. Riding to school, attending school or family functions, chilling at home together is cool, I also think we should intentionally expand their worlds by showing them what a date looks like. Currently living in the world of teenagedom has taught me a few things. 1. We set the standard for how our children will treat their potential mate, 2. Most teens have … Continue reading Parent/Child Date Night Idea

The Shame Of It All

I’m standing in the school parking lot waiting for the doors to open. I am not alone. There are other moms here, some dads, and grandparents, we are all waiting our turn. As I stand and hold Anissa’s hand a young mom walks by, she appears to have on pajama pants, a bonnet, and house shoes, not my choice for this morning, but hey, I’m sure she is doing what works best for her. She stands there hugging her little guy, they are laughing and playing while we all wait. It looks joyous. I get this feeling like someone is … Continue reading The Shame Of It All