I Don’t Want To Talk!

Hey Hotties! This month I am letting a few of the kids I mentor take the reigns on the blog. I asked them for things that they wanted to discuss and they came through with some stuff I am sure will get parents thinking. To protect their privacy they are writing anonymously. Hoping these topics will spark conversation or not in the case of this topic in your home. When dealing with a problem there are many things that roll through my head, most of which I myself do not want to announce. It is none of your business why … Continue reading I Don’t Want To Talk!

Know Nik November: Mommy Needs A Moment!

Are you okay? How often do you as a mom wish someone would ask you this question? Would we be honest and tell them the truth? Moms I am creating a space for you to tell the truth to explore what it means to be okay and to not be okay. This weekend I hosted an event that created this space. Continue reading Know Nik November: Mommy Needs A Moment!