nik-cleMy name is Nanekia Ansari and I am Just One Hot Mom, your Parental Guidance Counselor! I am fire, I am passion, I am flavor, I am saucy and so much more. I just so happen to be a mom of three also. I started this journey to explore all aspects of motherhood, to embrace and inspire other maternal figures, while encouraging and motivating myself.

A few years ago I found myself a single mother of two children. That’s not how I pictured my life but it was my new normal. It’s funny how the unexpected can push you into your purpose. I became determine to not be defeated, to live my dreams and to be an example of greatness for my children to see. I wanted to hurry up and do all these things, but the way my life was set-up at the time it would be a few years before I completely embrace my purpose. I’ve always been a writer, there’s something about putting pen to paper that give me a sweet release. The moment I became too depressed to write, I knew a life change was necessary, I needed to re-discover who Nanekia was in this new life. With a deep breath (kicking & screaming) I began to live outside my comfort zone. I dated, I went out alone, I went on countless adventures with friends and family! My kids and I where strolling along doing life and then BOOM, we welcome #3. This little family of mine is full of spunk, ambition, and craziness. I wouldn’t want us any other way. My children  Symone (21), Jamiel (15) and Anissa (6) keep the fire underneath me burning to go bigger, go harder, be better with each day. Variety is the spice of life and we are keeping it spicy.

We started this journey for families like ours and not like ours.  A place where we as a community can come and get advice and offer it.  A place where we are free to say how we really feel without condemnation.  I’m going to be me and you be you and let’s do this thing called life together.