Mom’s Wishlist

  1. A quiet house where no one is getting into anything they should not, and that is why the house is quiet. We want everyone in their own space, minding their business and being quiet.
  2. For you to go, ask your Father! If your Father is not available, ask an older sibling, an uncle, or a cousin (if the cousin is a mom, ask somebody else, the same goes for older sibling)
  3. For you to look for the item you lost yourself
  4. Do not ask what’s for dinner.
  5. Do not call or text when we go to brunch with our friends. We will not bring back food, nor will we DoorDash; this is the moment you realize we have food at home.
  6. We really want to sleep and have snacks and drinks at our bedside. These are not snacks or drinks to share; these snacks belong to us and us alone.
  7. Do not immediately ask for anything when we emerge from our Mom Cave. Give us 1-3 business days to get back on track.
  8. Do not shame us for wanting time alone. This is the day we should not see any little hands under the bathroom door, a kid seated outside the bathroom door, legs crossed, scrolling your phone or iPad, or constantly knocking on the door, asking when we will be done. We are done when we are done.
  9. If your Father or someone else mentioned in #2 says it’s okay to ask me, remind them of the labor story I have shared with you so many times, be DRAMATIC; I know you are capable, and remind them I deserve a moment to myself. 
  10. If you have made it this far, that is a gift in itself. All mothers know that unless she says a hundred billion times, you don’t get the message; if you kept reading, you at least thought about one of these things and maybe, just maybe, will let it sink in.

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s all love!

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