Who Are You Darling?

Every time I hear Randi Rossario Maples, host of The Randi Rossario show, say this before she gives her “cousins” some input on Instagram I laugh a little. Because who are we really? We parents are living in a time where we are discovering new seasons in our lives and we have the 

expectations that those around us will adjust to those new seasons. Well guess what?! Your children are going through the same thing. At least you have lived a little and seen some things. Our kids are fresh off the boat discovering new worlds, ideas, and things about themselves and the people closest to them they did not know. 

Imagine discovering fire and all its uses and you think you know everything and then BAM, one day you discover something different that changes your perspective about fire. That’s what kids are experiencing: the good, bad, and ugly of the world, relationships, themselves and their family. Everything is new and with that newness comes questions, answers, rejection and acceptance.

As a parent it’s up to you to help them navigate these new, while navigating your own. Seems impossible sometimes, but we do hard things around here. Helping your child make the discovery of who they are becoming can be one of your greatest joys. Embrace it and accept who they are becoming!

Are your children in their discovery phase? How is it going for you?

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