Disappointing View

A few years ago, Jamiel was eager to join the workforce. He was of age, received his work permit, and applied for jobs that were appropriate for his age. He was super excited for an opportunity to work with the kids at the summer camp he’d previously attended. He’d experienced other kids coming back as camp counselors, and he was ready for his shot. Jamiel filled out the application and was called immediately for an interview. I was probably more excited than him. We practiced interviewing at home. He picked out a nice outfit that let them know he was … Continue reading Disappointing View

Why Do We Parent The Way We Do?

Have you ever stopped to think about why you do things a certain way? For me it’s the way I wake up and immediately go into Drill Sergeant mode, make the beds, brush your teeth, comb your hair, get dressed, 10 minutes, let’s go. Although my own morning wake-up routine is different from the one for the kids, it’s ruled by let’s get these things done. I attribute that to the way my own parents woke me up in the morning. We had to be where we were going on time and not one detail could be missed or it … Continue reading Why Do We Parent The Way We Do?