Allow Me To Re-introduce Myself

You all know me! We’ve been rockin since 2015! What a fantastic journey this has been. I’ve grown, you’ve grown, we are growing together. You were here to launch the first blog post, me figuring our social media, the podcast, and now you are here for the next part of this journey, The Hot Mama Spot. The elevation that has taken place has been incredible, too. Of course, it’s about that time that I re-introduce myself.

My name is Nanekia Ansari, and I am Just One Hot Mom, your Parental Guidance Counselor. I am passionate, fire, flavor, heat, and oh so saucy. I want to connect parents with their true authentic selves and make sure families are glowing and growing together. I have three children, Symone (24), Jamiel (17), and Anissa (9). Those gorgeous babies of mine make an appearance on the blog and other platforms every now and then. My family is vital to me as I think your family is essential to you. We are all here just doing life together.

I started this blog for parents like me and not like me, who want to define parenthood on their own terms while growing alongside their families. I’ve done many things right on this journey, and I’ve gotten some wrong. I am transparent and ready to admit when a lesson is true for me. As parents, there was no manual given to us when we left the hospital, adoption agency, or however you became a parent, no manual. We are just here creating the space for us to be the best versions of ourselves, hoping that our children will become the best versions of themselves.

I am a Mommy Coach! That means I work with mommies to help them organize, plan, vision, and value motherhood. I do this by connecting with them one-on-one or in a group setting that allows them to be honest about their journey currently and what they envision their journey to be in the future. I am a writer, which means I love to tell stories. Who doesn’t like a good story? The stories I tell are about myself, my family, and my community. I am using my writing talent to share stories near and far and get people to think and start conversations with the world. I am a podcaster. Sometimes you need to hear the story to get the message. I love interviewing others and getting their input and advice about better taking care of, elevating, and improving ourselves.

I am Nanekia! I wear so many hats. I am proud to say I am a confident, African American woman who oozes #blackgirlmagic. I have a story to share, a vibe to give, and a fierce sense of self that will make you fall in love with me. As I open this new chapter, I invite you along o engage and enjoy the ride. Here’s to many more years of us learning this thing called life and parenting together.

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