Preparing for Transition!

I often look at my kids and I’m in awe. I actually created my own people and I’m their leader (thanks for the reminder TikTok). I’ve been down the road to graduation and adulthood with one child already so this is nothing new to me. Except for it is. Jamiel has a completely different outlook on what the end of high school means for him. He’s excited and ready for the school part to be over. He has applied to schools, been accepted and is making plans to move forward with his future. It is I, who’s paused on moving forward. There’s just something different about watching my son turn into this man who will make life changing decisions for himself. 

I know I’m not the only mama who holds their son near and dear. I love all my kids, they are the most lovable bunch I know. There is however something very unique about the bond I have with my son. So as much as I am ready for him to venture out into the world and become his own man, I have a shield constantly lifted to protect him from a world who may fear the man he is becoming. Pray for me y’all, sis cries every time the mention of graduation comes up.

I don’t want my fear to stop Jamiel from becoming who he is destined to be. So, I’ve been intentional in all of my conversations with him, open to hearing his thoughts and plans, I’ve expressed my concerns and how I am working through them. He in turn has expressed his concerns, his excitement, the overwhelming thoughts that flood his brain at 4am. I have created a space and time for us to just talk. I think this has helped put both our minds at ease. I can’t wait to see him cross that stage.

What thoughts do you have about your child(ren)’s future? Are they overwhelming? Are you able to discuss future plans with your child(ren)?

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