Mama’s Got A Plan

Mama’s Got A Plan! Alicia Briggs’s of The Brown Mom Experience has a cute take on planning and how to put cute spins on getting organized. Moms if you are having a difficult time picking out a planners and getting organized and keeping them cute, this is for you. Let’s have a fun discussion, filled with information that will help moms get organized and truly utilize a planner that will work for them.. Other ways to listen… Continue reading Mama’s Got A Plan

What If This Is My Body?!

When I look in the mirror I see Nik! Cute, lovable, THICK, short, curly hair, golden skin Nik. I also see some changes I’d like to make. Like any other mom/woman I see the changes in my body after kids, as I age, and as I embrace who I continuously evolve to be. For example this fupa (fat upper pubic area) I could divorce it, I’d like one chin, toned arms, and thighs that don’t give a round of applause when I walk and a butt that is WOW from the back and the side. Judge if you must that’s … Continue reading What If This Is My Body?!

Time To Get Real!

Here’s the truth…I used the pandemic as a time to indulge in some unhealthy habits I thought I’d previously broken. If you’ve followed my journey, then you know I work out with an amazing group of women, I like my healthy smoothies, and on occasion I may post a healthy meal recipe (if you follow me you know I don’t really like to cook.) To cope with all the things going on in my life for the last nine months I used food as a bandage and crutch to help get me through some difficult moments. Initially I thought I … Continue reading Time To Get Real!