Tell the Truth Shame the Devil!

My Grandma used to tell me “Tell the truth and shame the devil!” Wherever she said this I knew something or someone was about to be exposed. My eyes would widen and I would await to see who needed to shame the devil. In this day and age there are plenty of ways to shame the devil. Social media allows you to expose people to invade their space and let others know who they really are. It also allows for you to live this fake life where people don’t know what you have going on, only what you post. I’ve found the things we should tell are not being told. You know the good ole phrase “What goes on in this home, stays in this home!” This phrase has allowed pedophiles, abuse, and other unsavory things to take place in homes and get no attention. What would happen if we made the decision to “Tell the truth and shame the devil” to expose those things in our homes that leave us traumatized, unforgiving, unhealed, harmed, and stuck?!

I have spent years having conversations with women about things that have happened in their households that they wish they would have told someone. Or they did tell someone but nothing was done and they were afraid to tell anyone else. The mention of these very events brings back the painful memories of those moments. I know some women who refuse to go to therapy because they feel they will be forced to expose a family member, a pastor, or family friend. We live in a time where we have resources available to us to really get the help we need, to really heal, to create a space for the next generation to not have to hide the truth. In our own healing and truth we let other women know that they are not alone, there is no need to feel ashamed and that there is help.

A part of telling the truth starts with you being honest with yourself. This will not be easy and may bring up some hurt you thought you buried a long time ago. In telling yourself the truth I would suggest finding a counselor who can be there with you to walk you through the process of exploring your issue. To find a counselor in your area go here If you are not yet comfortable with talking to someone I would suggest you begin to journal how confronting the issues are affecting you. Taking moments to write will give you the chance to allow your feelings to process and flow. You need to process what you are revealing. I am a firm believer in counseling! It doesn’t mean you are crazy, this is for you, to help you grow. Growth can be a painful process, allow someone to help you with that pain.

Is there something from your past hindering your growth? Are you willing to get the help you need to heal from it?

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