Pack Your Peace!

My peace is my power! As we talk this week about taking our Mommy Moments I want you to think about what it is you find peace in. I once thought that peace was something far off, too far for me to reach. I mean, there is always something going on. 2020 has shown us to expect the unexpected! I have a busy life and at times my peace escapes me. I realized that the only person allowing my peace to fall to the wayside was me! Ain’t that some truth for me and you!

When I started #MommyNeedsAMoment I thought about all the times I wish I could find the opportunity to be still, to take me time. On this journey of taking MOMents I discovered that finding the space to relax, breathe, just be was all determined by me. There was nothing stopping me but me. Were there obstacles? Of course! Anything that got in my way I was able to rise above. All it took was me seeking and finding peace. 

Mommies it is up to you to seek out peace. How do you do this? You determine what brings peace into your life and you go for it. We sometimes sacrifice our time because we have others to take care of and that’s our job right to take care of them. Mommies if you don’t secure you first, then nothing else matters. Our families need us to be in positions to do what is best for ourselves and them. We have a unique opportunity to teach our children to self-care, self-love, to seek and find peace. 

Are you struggling to find peace? Are you an example of peace for your family? I challenge you to sit yourself down this week, grab your journal and define peace for yourself.

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