The Early Bird Gets The Worm!

During quarantine I have been working from home. With the kids out of school I don’t necessarily have to be up early I can sleep in as long as I get my work for the day complete, or so I thought. Prior to COVID I was an early riser 5am to start my day, as we settled into the new normal I began to sleep in later first 6:30, then 8:30, one day I slept in until 11am. This is not normal for me. I like to get up and get started. As I noticed my sleep pattern change I noticed my mood change as well. It was hard for me to focus, I was easily agitated, and less motivated to get things done the longer I slept in. Now some may think, Hey, you will have more energy if you allow your body to rest and then you can get up and get things done. For me it was the opposite, the longer I stayed in the bed the more unwilling I was to get up and get started. This went on for about two weeks. I began to see a decline in the amount of work I was producing, I became easily angered when I awoke and the kids were not doing what they were supposed to, I ended up staying up too late and not being productive during that time. Something had to change. 

I sat down and made a to-do list. All the things I needed to accomplish in a week in order for me to consider myself being successful for that time period. I then began to put those tasks on my calendar. I first started at 8:30am, then determined that was too late if I was going to make sure I had my alone time. Then it hit me like a V8 to the head, the difference in me accomplishing my goals pre-COVID was the time I decided to arise. When I’m up early I have time to gather my thoughts, meditate, pray, walk, and just be alone. It’s very rare that my family arises early with me. When they do I still put my morning routine into practice. That was the other thing, my morning routine had become null and void. I was winging it! Sometimes this works for me but as a late winging it was a problem. I needed to reset my new normal to include some of my past practices that benefited me so that I could move into this new phase and be productive. 

If you are having trouble finding time to have your MOMent, to plan, or just gather your thoughts my suggestion, get up, get the worm! Here’s how I start my mornings at 6am:

  1. Give thanks! I wake up saying what I am thankful for, before my feet hit the floor I am giving thanks. 
  2. Meditate! Once I’m up I grab my journal, put on my meditation music and allow positive thoughts to flow. The mornings I don’t feel like journaling, I simply sit, listen to my morning meditation and practice deep breathing.
  3. Do something I enjoy! Depending on the day I take a walk, read, dance, I do something that allows me some form of release, something that brings a smile to my face. Most mornings it’s me, audible, and Sparky on a walk.
  4. Make a plan! Once I’ve enjoyed myself I sit down and map out the day. I turn that weekly To-Do list into a day of To-Do List. I list goals/errands I would like to accomplish that day and prepare to get them done.
  5. Recite Affirmations! I have my plan, I’ve found joy, I’m thankful, now it’s time to speak life! I have my I Am statements. I look in the mirror and I say them. For example: I am happy, I am accomplished, I am creative. Speaking positivity into your life helps you seek and find positive moments throughout your day.

What’s your new normal routine? Are you in a rut? What can you do to find balance?

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