Guilty As Charged!

I will be the first to admit I am not a perfect mom! I make mistakes, I yell, I am a workaholic. There are many times when I lose my patience, I have no clue how to do new math and I basically wing it when it comes to recipes and what not. I can admit these things to myself and have no problem. When someone else points them out, well that’s a different story. No one wants others to point out to them they are not doing their best, or that people notice they are not doing their best. We’d like to think that people don’t catch our mistakes and therefore the facade of being this great mom who can leap tall buildings in a single bound, while nursing an infant, doing homework, exercising and cooking a nutritious meal you grew yourself in the garden you maintain in your spare time is a reality! If you are this mom just skip this whole article. Go be great!

I am guilty of acting like I have it all together when in actuality I can be a hot mess mama! I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure my family is all good. The kids have what they need and want. I take pride in knowing I can provide for them. In that providing I get wrapped up in my work so then I ignore spending time with them. They should be grateful right?! They have a mom who is willing to put in the work to give them everything. I can admit I have valued giving them things and taking them places over actual quality time with them. For this admission of guilt I have learned to balance my work schedule, to close my laptop and be present in conversations, to not think buying an item or saying yes all the time equates love. Self-reflection and a dose of truth from my children have enlightened me to become a mom who is aware. Will I always get it right? No, each day is an opportunity to make strides in the right direction.

I am guilty of judging other moms who lose their cool. I mean kids will be kids. Why are you expecting them to act like adults? I can hear myself saying this in my head when I see a mom in the store whose kid is losing it and she is losing it too. Who am I to judge?! How many times have my kids been losing it and I can feel me building up to lose it as well. Is there some other mom watching out the side of her eye judging me?! I would hate to think there is. For this admission of guilt I have learned grace. I have no clue what is going on with that family so who am I to judge. I know how I feel when I am being judged and I don’t want any other mom to feel that way. Raising other humans is hard work! There’s no guide, you simply learn as you grow. 

I am guilty of not taking time to continue to grow as a woman. I am a mommy! That is my main job. Nothing comes before that, not even my own happiness. The day I became someone’s mother all other joy was set to the side and that child’s happiness was all that mattered. For this admission of guilt I have learned that I am more than someone’s mama. I am a complete and total human being, I am a woman. I have dreams, desires, and so much more that make up who I am. I can be awesomely amazing in my own lane as a mom, woman, human. That decision is solely up to me. 

What are you guilty of? Can you admit your guilt and take correction? Now is the time for self-reflection and to become the amazing guilt-free person you were meant to be.

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