Being Nanekia: God Is…

Today’s post was supposed to continue my journey into feminine health, but when He speaks you listen so here we go. If you follow me on social media then you know my sister and I revealed our Dad was diagnosed with colon cancer. Our family received this diagnosis as cities began to quarantine and our new normal began to take structure. This isn’t our family’s first fight with cancer, my mom is a two time cancer survivor. Our family’s response has always been to fight. 

This trip around is different, our access to each other as a family has been limited and complications from a procedure would test our families mental health for sure. On June 2 my Dad could barely move. The man who carried me on his shoulders, protected me from the things that go bump in the night, my super hero was in a state I’d never seen him in, nor imagined I would ever see him in. If you know nothing about my sister and I, know that we don’t play about our kids, each other, or our parents. Another surgery, limited access, unlimited faith. My sister grabbed my hand and said we are going to pray BIGGER, we are going to PROCLAIM victory, our Dad is HEALTHY. The BATTLE is WON. As I prayed that prayer with my sister an overwhelming sense of relief came over me and then…The door to the waiting room opened and in walked the nurse “You are violating hospital policy, only one family member can be on this floor at a time!” My sister, step-mother and I all looked at each other, you know the look you give when you are preparing for battle and you all need to be on the same page?! Yeah! That was the look. The nurse goes on “You are the Ansari Family, he (my DAD) warned us about you. Ladies, he looks good, like really good!” She exits the room and the tears begin to fall. WON’T HE DO IT!!! 

Fast-forward to the start of chemotherapy for the second time. My sister calls me “Nik our prayer is: NO SIDE EFFECTS, HEALTH, WEALTH, VICTORY!” We have been praying this prayer daily. My Dad is an avid cyclist. Before his diagnosis he biked up to 10 miles a day. In our minds we knew that chemotherapy may limit his mobility and the thing he loved to do, that gave him relief might not be accessible to him. A day after chemo treatment we got a text: walked 25000 steps today, our response, don’t over do it. The next day I got in 10000 before the afternoon. My sister and I call each other and as we prepare to make a plan to stop this man before he passes out, we remember our prayers NO SIDE EFFECTS, HEALTH, WEALTH, VICTORY! How can we pray that prayer and not praise God for the favor He is showing. Each day my Dad reports his progress to us, each day he goes a little further. Today I cried tears of joy, knowing that cycling is one of my Dad’s joys he was able to ride 16.85 miles.

God is…good, faithful, merciful, loving, kind, a healer, provider, I could go on and on. If you are a person of faith then you already know what it is, if not be a witness to the goodness that is going on within my family. God is!

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