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If you have followed me for any amount of time then you know I have no problem being transparent. If you’re new, buckle up. I find it easier to control my own narrative than to allow others to tell my story. Although I find some of the stories people come up with hilarious. Here is another opportunity for you to Know Nik! A few months ago my good buddy and blogger boo Marcia Cragget, SheFlyTho (IG), reached out to me to do a photo shoot. I love having people in my corner who just get me, Marcia is one of them. I was reluctant at first and turned her down many times, until finally she was like YOU ARE DOING THIS! I was slow rolling with scheduling her and finally I had to breakdown and tell her why. It’s refreshing to have people who understand your story and tell you to not make excuses and own your sh!t.

Like I said if you’ve been following me I am sure you have noticed a change in my appearance. I love to smile, in recent months I have reduced the amount of photos I smile in. I revealed this to Marcia. “Marcia, I can’t do it, you’ve seen my tooth, it’s chipped!” There was a pause before Marcia sent a message back. “So what?!” I explained to Marcia, like I’m going to explain to you, and like I’ve explained to others, due to a medical condition the deterioration of the enamel of my teeth has caused me to have multiple dental surgeries, have an extensive dental care routine, and cost me a lot of money. This last time the tooth chipped I was at an event for bloggers, enjoying every moment and biting into a piece of bacon (yes my best friend bacon is the culprit), I knew exactly what happened as my tooth hit the crispy piece of bacon. I excused myself and went to see the damage. I didn’t leave the event but I limited my talking and probably wasn’t my full vibrant self. Now you may be thinking it’s just a chipped tooth, but for me having had multiple dental procedures with several dentists I was mortified. I called to schedule an appointment for the repair and was informed my dentist had retired. I am not afraid of many things but I am one of the many people who suffer from dentophobia (the fear/anxiety of anything to do with the dentist). I’d finally found a dentist who understood my needs and was very gentle and understanding and now he’d retired. I won’t lie, I had a mild panic attack, who would help me now.  

In my search for a dentist that will listen to my frustration and be gentle with me I have opted to embrace the chip. It’s not ideal but it is something I own, it’s a part of me. Here’s another lesson on speaking up for yourself when you go to the doctor 1. You can question the course of care if you feel it doesn’t benefit you. 2. Don’t allow anyone to assume your health story, I’ve had plenty of people/dentist assume the chip is due to poor dental hygiene. 3. Fear of the dentist is real and dentists and others should respect that and if they don’t it’s on them. 4. Still get your teeth cleaned :)! 

I met Marcia on a cool winter morning! Embraced the chip and smiled! Is there something holding you back? A chipped tooth, a big belly, a fear of rejection?! Whatever it is, embrace it and control your narrative, it’s your story, own it!

3 thoughts on “Know Nik: Chipped!

  1. Yep! You have to own your stuff. Sometimes difficult, depending on the situation but I’ve found that I like to talk about my stuff..helps me get through it. Others are sometimes uncomfortable because they don’t know how to react or respond.

    1. Girl you must be Jamaal’s child, fear nothing demand respect. Family is Everything

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