No Place Like Home?!

I, like many other parents, have mixed emotions when it is time for our children to leave the nest. There’s an overwhelming feeling of worry, sadness, joy and victory. All those emotions as you watch your children venture off into the world to start their own lives. I can recall the day Symone moved out (for the 2nd time that’s a different story), I felt accomplished and happy for her. I went to visit her new home, the place she would lay her head after a long night at work, after hanging out with friends, that place where she would catch a 10 minute nap if needed. I saw the happiness in her eyes as she placed the bed in the exact position that would offer her peace in her very own sanctuary, her home. It feels good to watch her decorate and manage her household, I pat myself on the back as I am one proud Mama.

On March 13th as Breonna Taylor laid asleep in her own home, a home I’m sure she decorated with care, in a bed, I’m sure she placed in the perfect spot for her to get rest, she was violently murdered. I am almost sure that prior to March 13th Breonna’s family visited her home and admired her space, I am sure she had laughs there with her friends, that she and her boyfriend discussed their future there. This was her very own sanctuary, a place to seek refuge from whatever was going on in the outside world. In mere moments all of the work Breonna put into creating her very own space was destroyed by police officers who entered her space, disguised as those sent there to protect, but were in actuality thugs! In that moment where her boyfriend who I’m sure wanted to protect their home from whatever was on the other side of the door, got into his stance of protection, ready, aim, fire! Little did he know that in that very moment he was prepared to defend his home the thugs on the other side were also ready, aim, fire. Breonna was shot 8 times.

This story is not a new one. Those sworn to protect us civilians, often become the uncivilized and wreak havoc. Those thugs destroyed more than a home that day. They took the life of someone great, of someone with a future, of someone who had big dreams and plans for her life! Say her name #BreonnaTaylor. There will be no peace in any of our homes until we get justice for the protection and peace that should have taken place in Breonna’s home. 

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  1. The way you expressed your thoughts and feeling here was so touching, and heart-wrenching. I’ve signed the petition. Thank you for sharing your intimate perspective on this.

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