Gianna Floyd & Stephen Jackson

I have a morning routine that I stick to which helps me keep balance in my day. I get up, pray, meditate, do yoga, shower and start my day. This is my time and I love it. While sipping my tea I hear the loudest scream come from Anissa’s room. “MOMMY!!!!!” I leap into mom mode and dart towards her room to protect her from whatever is causing her distress. That’s my job right?! As her mother when I hear her call for me, I’m supposed to jump into action. As I enter her room I see her eyes closed tightly as to not witness whatever is causing her to yell out to me. I gently place my hand on her back to reassure her that I am here, that her Mommy is here to protect her. 

On May 25, 2020 George Floyd did the same thing Anissa did that morning, he called for his Mom. In the moment where he felt unprotected, where he was fighting for his life the ultimate urge to call on the one who God allowed to give him life came out. It didn’t matter that he was a 46 year old man, it didn’t matter that his mom was deceased, at that moment George Floyd charged all of us mother’s to fight for our children. George Floyd called us to the carpet, to stand against the violence that so many of us Black people have encountered when it comes to law enforcement. I pray that in that moment when he called his mother’s name, that God allowed her spirit to be there with him, to comfort him, and to usher him into the presence of God. The replaying of his voice is embedded in my brain. The agony, the disbelief, and the release is a sound I will never forget. It is also a sound that reminds me that the battle for justice is not one we can allow to fall to the side of the road while getting back to “normal!” 

Mamas, Mommies, Mothers, Mas, and Moms, we have been called out! There is no turning back, it is time to jump into action and to protect our babies. We have heard the cry of a son. And it has called to our wombs, the very center of who we are. Our black babies are in need of protection! They cannot breathe and are constantly fighting for air! It truly takes a village, a collection of mothers to protect our babies! Are you willing to take on the fight? Are you willing to protect our babies even the ones you did not birth? Hear the call!

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