Mama You Made It!

Wow! As I look back on where I started in my journey I am in awe of the many things that have taken place that have evolved me into being the confident, crazy, sexy, cool (thanks TLC), person I am today. I think us as moms don’t often give ourselves enough credit for the things we have achieved. We look at other mother’s and wonder how they are doing it not realizing there is someone looking at you wondering how you are doing it. It’s not a matter on being envious, you just want to be the best you can be for your family and often times you feel like you are failing. Today Mama let me share with you…YOU MADE IT!!! And each day you are making it, whether at home, in the boardroom, at the grocery store, in your yoga class, sitting for a final. You are making moves that matter so give yourself a round of applause.

Honestly at the beginning of this year I was in a slump. I did not come out slaying my goals as I had imagined. I watched on the sidelines as other mommy bloggers/influencers/coaches were killing it, they just seemed to know what they wanted to do and were going for it. I on the other hand was doing what I like to call slow rolling. I was doing something just didn’t feel like enough. Now don’t go thinking you have to say Nik, you are amazing, you do this and you do that. Trust me I know, but that internal feeling you get when you feel you can be doing more is something no amount of compliments can suppress. My creative juices were bone dry. I needed some fire, flavor, passion, heat, some sauce to infiltrate my word to bring me back to my eccentric lovable self. Then it hit me, go back to the basics to where it all started and see what got me together back then, would it help get me together now.

MEMORIES!!! I read old blog post, looked at pictures of events I spoke at, checked out old videos of myself and the kids and I had to say the growth I saw in myself and my family was amazing. I’m about to brag a little so enjoy…My website is a million times better than what I started with (I did that, long nights and phones calls with tech support), my writing improves with every keystroke (shout out all my editors), therapy has allowed me to be unapologetically transparent and not feel guilty or ashamed about it, I am a unique spirit always being called upon for my opinion, ideas, and just to be in the presence of people who think I’m super dope! When I started this journey those are the things I wanted to accomplish and I am doing it! I’ve made it and I’m still making it.

Sometimes I get in a rut, I must remember there is a time to go hard, a time to reflect, a time to plan, a time to activate, and a time to congratulate. I’d been skipping the congratulations part and not acknowledging how far I have come. There are many more goals to reach, today I toast Nanekia Ansari, Just One Hot Mom, The Parental Guidance Counselor, and girl you are out here doing your thang, keep going!

Do you ever forget to give yourself a pat on the pat? How do you celebrate you?

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  1. Sometimes we all ha e to look back to see how far we have come. We must celebrate the small victories and know the big ones are soon coming.

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