Dear Jamiel…

Today our family celebrates a major milestone…Jamiel turns 16! This time of year always has me in my feelings. Jamiel is my one and only son. Every year I try to find some way to celebrate him and share his awesomeness with those that follow our family. Jamiel is the most amazing young man I know. I’m not just saying this because I’m his mom, I’ve heard this from the multitudes. Below here’s an open letter to my son on his 16th birthday. May we all love on our children with more passion, more patience, more love.

Dear Jamiel, 

These past 16 years have been amazing. God truly blessed me with an amazing young man. I have to admit, I get nervous at times wondering if I am doing the right thing raising a young man. I know the one thing that has always remained true for me, I may not be a man and can show you man things, but I consider myself to be a phenomenal human being and I can definitely show you how to be that. You sir, have exceeded my expectations and have carved out a place in my heart for me to always remember to be human, be honest about who I am, and to be true to the person God created me to be. Your for me are one of the greatest examples of God’s grace.

So I guess I should offer some advice here…In your 16th year of life I would advise you to let people see your beautiful spirit. Even more than you’ve already shown. When I thought about giving you this advice I have to admit I was nervous, would I be asking you to open up yourself to people who could potentially hurt you. One thing I have learned from watching you, your whole life, you have a divine covering and there are people who need your presence. Allow the world to experience your snarky sense of humor, your compassion for the underdog, and your unique way of always making people feel welcomed. The world needs more young men like you!

Today we celebrate who you have become in 16 years and the person you are becoming. May you continue to find favor, grace, and mercy all along your journey. Loving you with every breath~ Mom

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How do you celebrate family milestones?

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