There Is Power In The Board!

Over the last few weeks I have been invited to at least 20 vision board parties. Each one promising to help you get clear about achieving your goals. I can’t lie, I’m a bit of a vision board Grinch. Maybe it’s because I’ve been invited to so many gatherings or because my goals and dreams are so personal to me I don’t feel comfortable putting them on display. Whatever it is, it’s got me cringing at the thought of attending yet another vision board party. That’s until my sister calls and says I want to host a “Power Board” party (insert eye roll), yet another vision board party! “No Nik, this isn’t what you think!” my sister knows me well, “Just come and see!”

So on a Saturday night I gathered for an intimate evening of plotting and planning. To my surprise this board party had a twist. Before we entered into a room filled with magazines, glue, glitter, and all the fixings for the ultimate vision board, we were invited to an amazing bible study in preparation for the next step. In steps one of my favorite bible study host, Minister Kodi Pride. Her message was titled “Vision vs. Sight”. We learned that people can lose sight of their vision, but the vision (the plan) is always there, just because you get stuck does not mean you lose your vision you just may have lost sight of that vision, but guess what you can get sight back. The vision may need to be modified, but the core foundation of what it is you want to achieve is always there waiting for you to build upon it. Once we gain sight of our vision then it is up to us to put power behind that vision so that it can come to fruition. Power behind a vision is required in order for that vision to manifest and become all you desire for it to be. As Kodi wrapped up she explained to us that we as women are queens on the chess board we are the piece that controls the game, we have the power. We must think of our vision the same way, we are in control and that vision is awaiting us to assert our power so that we may win.

My sister explained that she knew all of the women in the room had a vision, there was no question about that, but that sometimes we all lose sight. In order to regain our sight we need to put some power behind our thoughts and execution. This is where the “Power Board” comes into play. As we sit at the table with all the craft buckets we are instructed to select words, pictures, quotes that will empower us to want to achieve our vision. The purpose of this board is to keep you encouraged when it appears that you have lost sight of your vision. As I thought about my goals I began to notice words and pictures in the magazines that ignited a fire within me. I felt powerful! I know my vision (purpose), manifesting this can sometimes be exhausting, especially when I get stuck but looking to my “Power Board” for encouragement will help me keep my eyes on the prize.

Do you get discourage when faced with not reaching your goals or feeling stuck? How do you get yourself out of a rut? You can do this and so can I so let’s put some power behind these visions!

6 thoughts on “There Is Power In The Board!

  1. I’m a bit of a vision board Grinch as well, lol. I don’t enjoy the creative aspect of it or how permanent it seems so I have a private Instagram account that I upload to. I never run out of space and I don’t have to look at a board that creatively didn’t come out the way I desired. I also have a wall hanging with clips above my desk that I clip photos and messages to.

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