Ms. I Can Fix It!

A couple of weeks ago my washing machine stopped spinning. I loaded it, came back to check and the clothes were all wet, not just damp, dripping wet. I took a guess that maybe I’d overloaded the machine, so in mom problem solving manner, I removed it all and went to turn on the spin cycle to drain the remaining water. I heard the spin sound but no spin. OH NO! (Confession: Laundry was piling up I was in a time crunch to get something to wear so I may have overloaded the machine.) The dreaded home repair, I don’t think anyone, parent or not likes to think of the expensive purchase, either repairing or replacing an appliance.

I began to look online for possible sales of washing machines. I then called around to a couple of local appliance shops to price out washing machines. I found some reasonably priced machines and was ready to give my credit card number, only problem, no deliveries until Monday it was the weekend. I needed my machine right now! Scratch that idea, I call a repair person, same issue no repair appointments until the following week. New plan I will load all of the laundry into my car and head to the laundry mat. Not one of my favorite things, but I must do what I have to do. As I’m sorting clothes and preparing for this adventure I’m distracted by Anissa’s YouTube video. Maybe I should see if YouTube can help me solve my problem. I type “washing machine won’t spin” a billion videos appear I watch a few minutes of the first five videos and the problem appears to be the same in each. I have a motor coupling issue! The part is $7 at your local appliance store and the repair takes 15 minutes. Viola, I can do this!

There is one appliance supply place near me and they have my part. I’m excited, the video appears to be super easy to follow and in no time I will be back washing clothes. I get the part, my tools, and I am ready to repair, 15 minutes, I’ll be done in no time. Well let’s just say an hour and a half later, BOOM the part is replaced. Judge if you must but my toolbox is limited so I worked with what I had. Now the test did replacing this piece fix my problem?! I plug in the machine, I turn and pull the knob and………IT SPINS!!! I was so excited, I did it!

That repair got me thinking. How many other moms are out there thinking they can’t repair simple home projects and what satisfaction they will feel when they discover they can. YouTube and Pinterest have become my best friends when it comes to determining if I should take on a project. Let’s face it some repairs require a professional, for these small ones I think I’m going to handle it. I’ve pinned a few home repair sites you should check out to see if you too can Do It Yourself.

Do you have a budget for home repairs? If not how would you handle needing a repair? Would you be willing to DIY?

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